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Sweetgrass plant bestows favor on promotion landscape effect newly to improve ai
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Report of Xun Xiaoxiao of reporter of report from our correspondent develops as the development of urban afforest, the sweetgrass plant such as a foliaceous lavender that sells with potted flower form all the time, sage, foreign Gan Ju appears increasingly in urban greenbelt. According to Shanghai main rooms Lin Gong of Hao Haixing of horticultural, Beijing manages, the herb such as careless arboretum of Anhui Mao Shengxiang produces company introduction, nearly two years sweetgrass sales volume rises apparently, the maturity that uses the market makes sweetgrass plant gets urban afforest department approbate. "In urban afforest plant of right amount use herb, not only can promote landscape the effect, still can improve the air environment all round, increase on the foundation of afforest, beautification for the city sweet change. " Wang Youjiang of secretary-general of China herb alliance thinks, sweetgrass floral is arisen with people consumption level closely related, as people the promotion of aesthetic appeal, beautiful the central point that the sweetgrass nature that holds a functional sex concurrently makes equipment get attention. Company of Hao Hai Xinglin goes in for sth in a large scale Lu Xiaoying of sweetgrass base vise general manager introduces, sweetgrass plant is blue department more, while contented plant configures diversity, also fill the blank that blue lacks to fasten a product in gardens landscape at present. Additional, sweetgrass plant has balmy taste, not only oneself plant diseases and insect pests is little, return the harrass that can make circumjacent plant avoids bug of catch a disease catch a disease. Sweetgrass plant is perennial root more kind, be able to bear or endure barren, grow cost low, manage extensive. Chief expresses related terminal of work of forestry of bureau of Beijing gardens afforest, to assure landscape result, the project of the Gai Sha that sow grass of Beijing also will use plant of a batch of herb. As we have learned, the sweetgrass plant that is used at gardens afforest on the market at present basically has field mint, thyme, sage, lavender to wait for ten kinds, include a lot of variety again among them, the Hua Xie that belongs to like field mint is field mint, citric mint, silver-colored by field mint, a foliaceous lavender that lavender belongs to, tine leaf lavender, France lavender, lin Lin always always does not issue 100 variety. "The dosage of plant of herb of afforest of city of a gleam of such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing is very big now, basically wait for key afforest project in park, greenbelt, community centrally. " the salesperson of horticultural company tells Shanghai main rooms the reporter, understand sweetgrass floral as people, its application means is richer and richer. Besides build only kind field, still can pass a variety of gimmick such as group of establish, Cong Zhi and circumjacent gardens landscape to match, use at spending condition ornament, ground by landscape. It is OK to add some herbs plant edible, its apply limits to still can enlarge the respect such as dining-room of afforest of village of sightseeing farm, court, zoology. "The sweetgrass plant that is used at gardens afforest is more 10 to 15 centimeters tall Xiaomiao, every individual plant is controlled 3 yuan; 16 have demand to 20 centimeters tall big Miao Ye, the price is 5 yuan about. Compare other ground by the plant, the price is relatively some higher. " careless arboretum staff member expresses Mao Shengxiang, prices of sweetgrass plant sale is very good this year, in Anhui many afforest are versed in in Cheng, the design that gives priority to a problem with sweetgrass is making a kind of popular trend. But at present sweetgrass grows an area finite, cultivate the addition of the quantity as each district herb, its price also will fall more the price that accepts easily.

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