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" of herb of 9 kinds of fresh " eats so can health care
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Fresh " sweetgrass " namely all sorts of new balmy plants are the tradition in Hesperian kitchen matchs dish, condiment. In recent years the grow in quantity as our country Western-style restaurant, how should enjoy these balmy and tangy cate, the bewilderment of the person that become a lot of repast.
A few days ago, shi Helin tells the traditional Chinese medical science of hospital of tree of Beijing Chinese toon that home of the medicine in since is epicure the reporter, in fact, there is a lot of to eat the balmy plant with amphibious medicine in Western-style food, some still are Chinese traditional medicine, have certain sanitarian effect to human body. He introduced to the reporter the following 9 kinds fresh " sweetgrass " commonly used in Western-style food edible method and sanitarian therapy effect.
Basil: Fresh basil leaf often is put into salad as balmy vegetable, bloat flavor in be soiled fish, pizza or Italian face, local color is very distinctive. Basil contains naphtha, sexual flavour laborious is lukewarm, have scanty faddish energy of life, change wet disappear to feed, invigorate the circulation of blood, alexipharmic effect, can use at diseases caused by external factors to have a headache, feed bilge painful, have loose bowels, menstruation does not move stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, gastral cavity etc. " Jia Youben is careless " in account, basil but " the disappear in tone is fed, go evil spirit, disappear hydrosphere, appropriate is unripe feed " . But dry of blood of deficiency of vital energy person careful edible. Abroad considers to think, basil can be used at migraine, convulsion, month to pass little cure and fight ageing, life-giving, stable mood, return OK and constrictive skin, but stimulating to sensitive skin.
Sage: New sage perfume is powerful, the tie-in cooking such as as heavier as fishy smell animal liver, hotpot or black carp can eliminate leaf of sage of; of its peculiar smell to be added on fry, can add delicate. Roman emperor secretary carries, sage can serve as 10 thousand with medicine, europe also is circulating " kind the other people of sage won't the dead " view. Sage has peristalsis of stimulative stomach bowel, improvement heat of dyspeptic, solution and calm nerval effect. And our country's famous invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu Chinese traditional medicine a kind the root of red-rooted salvia is sage.
Rosemary: its delicate branches and leaves is put it is on fleshy piece roast, or it is platoon, as small as Xiaoyang beefsteak cook, can eliminate fleshy fishy smell, fragrance still can eat the meat in. " gleaning of detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in account, sex of rosemary flavour laborious is lukewarm, advocate evil spirit; " the pharmacological of traditional Chinese medicine " in account, its are balmy be good at stomach, ; of promotional digestive function " illustrated handbook of Chinese medicine establish " account, its can strong, sudoriferous, be good at stomach, calm the nerves, can use at all sorts of headache.
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