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The sex fighting bacterium of flavor wrinkled giant hyssop
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Wrinkled giant hyssop (Agastache Ragosus) renown platoon herb, close sweet, wrinkled giant hyssop of labial form division is belonged to, vivacious scent is herbaceous. Plant reachs 100 centimeters 40 centimeters high, the summer blossoms, spend labial form, white or purple, came in October November result.
The epidemic prevention of wrinkled giant hyssop treats a disease having ages ago history. Be in early " medicines and chemical reagents changes justice " point out in one book: "Wrinkled giant hyssop, its enrage scent, beneficent stomach is angry, in be being moved with this, treat vomitive cholera, enrage quickly with this, cover tightly except dirty jailbird " , "Sweet can mix the five internal organs, xinneng knows interest 9 a key to do sth, epidemic of the miasma that be like hillock uses, invade inside the evil outside making, have the power that upholds healthy atmosphere " ; " justice of a book on Chinese medicine " in also weigh wrinkled giant hyssop " can monarch dirty evil, epidemic disease of the travel when solution is enraged " .    
Wrinkled giant hyssop still contains a lot ofnutriment and microelement. Its tender bine, tender leaf, tender Miao Han has calcic, carotene, protein, cellulose to reach all sorts of mineral, can serve as vegetable edible, already delicate and goluptious, it is sanitarian beautiful is tasted. The summer often eats wrinkled giant hyssop of cold and dressed with sause, can prevent cold heat wet, raise Yan Meirong.
The bine of wrinkled giant hyssop, Xiekedi takes balmy oil, serve as flavor for food industry and cosmetic industry.

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