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Common and balmy plant introduces
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Balmy plant is recently just arisen plant product, it releases the fragrance that come, have fight oxidisability to reach the sex that fight bacterium, it is pure and fresh odour is mixed purify airy optimal green product. Compare in the market now common, utilization rate compares high breed general interest to be as follows:
Lavender, open the floret of a kind of shallow blue, aroma of entire individual plant is full-bodied, your person feels calm, have clean body and mind, kill insect, fight bacterium, flabby nerve, enhance the effect such as memory.
Basil, annual herbaceous, the bine is erect, gao Keda 50, 100cm, xie Cheng is elliptic, the flower is white or pink. Basil helps advance somebody's career to basically make flavor vegetable in Taiwan area, in meridional and American California area has a large number of cultivating that use for flavor only.
Thyme, vivacious herbaceous or inferior bush, base beautiful of partial branch sex, blade is elliptic, cauline leaf flower all has sweet smell. Hua Zigong or pink, xie Ke does dressing.
Rosemary, constant green undershrub, individual plant is erect, the leaf is grey written complaint of fine tip of green, narrow, fragrance of blade diverge pine, spend baby blue, have full-bodied sweet smell, special be able to bear or endure drought, southern and usable do hedgerow.
Sweetgrass, belong to annual herb for leguminous Huluba, individual plant tall 40cm, the bine is erect, grey is lubricious, the plant when maturity gives off the aroma that raids a person, insolation park room, fragrance diffuses at the prolonged in air to be not retreated.
Field mint, renown fish herb, perennial root is herbaceous, individual plant is made an appointment with high 25 - 50cm, a lot of more ramose, the leaf has toothed, have maize gland place, have cool and refreshing sweet smell, flower is very small, baby blue, send out delightful fragrance. Blade can make perfume or do cool and refreshing beverage to use, because fragrance is special, the flower has convergence and antiseptic effect, get cropper reception fully.
Above just introduces a few common variety simply, of balmy plant type, of utility wide, cultivate lover to be able to get the surprise that expect is less than surely in cultivated process.
Fragrance plant can use a variety of forms to cultivate, can use at potted view and admire, afforest, sweet change an environment, make sweet bursa, abstraction natural essence, it already was known by more horticultural worker nowadays and accept. The gain of its market is very sizable also, products of current a lot of balmy plant is tasted, already had huge market space. Because its suitable scope is very broad, reason market potential and benefit are very considerable, regard burgeoning plant as the product, the opportunity that its face the market and foreground are inestimable.

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