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Fragrant flower plant belongs to the sort of important painting of flowers and p
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Jiang Hua belongs to fragrant flower plant, pattern is old and color element contains a lot ofaroma again in vain, give priority to with cutting a flower to use, basically supply upper metropolis to insert cotton print buy to use. Agriculture of peach garden area reforms a special seed selection suit upper grow and the treatment of each place uses entire individual plant of the Jiang Huaxin breed that views and admire quality beautiful and development, lie fallow to develop upper zone the important painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style of farm characteristic is phyletic.
The Jiang Hua of seed selection " peach garden 1 " design and color is Bai Huachen Huang Xin, flower volume is moderate, individual plant is expensive shorter, spend height for common ginger about 1/3 to 1/2, the sex that divide 蘗 is inferior, blade is exhibited lesser, can suit potted use; Jiang Hua " peach garden 2 " weak Huang Xin of milky white of design and color, flower is big, floret number is much, individual plant is expensive medium and the sex that divide 蘗 is strong, it is the breed cutting a flower that views and admire quality beautiful. Fragrance of two new breed all thick, only then florescence all feraller a group of things with common features group make an appointment with 2 weeks early. Use as to much heavy interest of Jiang Hua, wu Anna points out, beautiful faint scent of Jiang Hua is delightful, it is the good stuff of draw-out essence oil and liquid distilled from honeysuckle flowers or lotus leaves, also be at the same time those who join course is good feed capable person, be like fragrance the authentic egg of 4 excessive " flower " the ginger scented tea that soup, aplomb calms the nerves, cool and refreshing bright buccal cold and dressed with sause petal. Jiang Hua's rootstock and edible ginger all have drive chill effect, also can flavor into soup except cruelly oppress fishy smell, additionally tender Jiang Sun also can be machined to bloat be soiled cole or flavor the product such as pink; Jiang Hua's leaf has special sweet smell, it is the Xie Cai that person of traditional the Hakkas uses packet of zhongzi.

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