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Spend root of wing of type herb duck
From;    Author:Stand originally
Material: Duck wing root mint of garlic of green of 5 olive oil salt (fresh) anise of basil of thyme of Niu Zhixie of small fennel pleasant
Lemon of black pepper rosemary is citric and peppery
1. Duck wing root washs face of clean air water meter to delimit mincing mint leaf washs knife garlic green clean mixture mix of right amount herb is even
2. Duck leg joins 2-3 of silk of skin of compound herb lemon piece anise of leaf of mint of green of garlic of salt of a few of citric bovril olive oil (break) mixture agitate of right amount black pepper puts freezer to bloat equably 12-24 hour
3. Tinfoil spreads the pickle that in the oven on tray 200 degrees of warm-up put the duck wing root that has bloated inside the brush box on grill
4. 200 degrees of middle-level bake oven 35-45 minute pickle 1-2 is brushed in road second
5. Take out the duck wing that has baked to be able to leave gnaw, can heat the pickle that remain is stuck on eat

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