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Go in for sth in a large scale promotion of area key orchard grows sweetgrass ve
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2008, go in for sth in a large scale in the construction of division forestry bureau in sightseeing garden, in key orchard promotion grows sweetgrass vegetable 15 kinds, basically include herb of lavender, purple perilla, mint, basil, god to wait, light of enlarge grand sight is picked content, attract more citizens to come round to pluck, increase fruit grower income thereby. Recently, go in for sth in a large scale division forestry bureau invites expert of institute of plant of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to use spot of simple and easy equipment to groom in the town that collect Yo oily technology of energy of distillation herb abstraction, use bright branch of 1 kilogram of mint to be in 0.5, the essence that 10ml can abstract inside 1 hour is oily. This facility cost 1500 yuan, suit sightseeing orchard to be used in picked season very much. Go in for sth in a large scale the area will go sightseeing in the key this year orchard form a complete set this equipment.

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