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Promotion of market of potted herb plant just meets good luck
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Potted herb appears to already had in the market a few years time, but because promotion job progress is slower, sale status all the time hard satisfactory. How to improve name of product of the consumer recognition to sweetgrass, understanding and function, become much to produce business and the central issue that agency cares. Recently, the reporter is engaged in the company that sweetgrass produces understanding from the major such as Beijing, Anhui, Shandong, potted herb market is welcoming the opportunity of development.
Many channel application is arisen sweetgrass sort is various, as a result of its not with flower absorbing, and grow with all sorts of good to human body result visibility, consumer lacks understanding and understanding to this, become a worry to produce the difficult problem of the enterprise. Be in as sweetgrass product gardens afforest, food, travel, sweet a kind of sweet grass wait for a domain more and more apply widely, people is deepened to its are known and knowing extent, promoted their promotion.
Sweetgrass plant gains ground increasingly in the application on landscape, for the market of potted herb development brings turning point. In last few years, landscape " sweet change " the window in becoming gardens afforest is in each are big in the city is arisen, herb of each district build only kind field, cultivate sweetgrass to drive the message as one falls that sightseeing travels through large area, much sort, the Cheng of sweet chemical industry that uses sweetgrass to the place such as village of high-grade villa, dweller as the ornament is more from time to tome hear of, in the project of Olympic Games afforest that is in Beijing even, the sweetgrass plant such as lavender also exhausted a power. Hai Xinglin of Hao of careless limited company of Anhui Mao Shengxiang, Beijing is horticultural limited company goes in for sth in a large scale the company controller such as sweetgrass base all expresses, the application of sweetgrass gardens project, make more and more people had preliminary knowledge to sweetgrass, to potted market drive action to begin to show. To them the dealer of base replenish onr's stock also shows, in retail market, consumer paid close attention to sweetgrass plant more apparently.
The travel related to sweetgrass is floral of people understanding herb another efficient way. Art of herb of river of soup of mouth of Beijing ancient north is manorial roll out sweetgrass to pluck wait for an activity to make consumer is contacted through close quarters, deepen the understanding of pair of sweetgrass sort and function; The arboretum of each district also in succession the herb such as lavender of introduce a fine variety, thyme, sage, foreign Gan Ju, transmitting of all kinds information to tourist with sign.
As a kind of product with effect be good at, sweetgrass is being publicized and guide consumption to go up to be compared with ordinary flowers photograph, have its specialty, want have the aid of to be developed in the market of other application domain, will drive potted market to develop ahead. Luxuriant raw firm is in ' Italian candle chrysanthemum ' when promotion, use its to be able to machine the curry condiment that is familiar with into people, think up " curry is careless " this one trade name, go to the lavatory already consumer is accepted, can arouse the interest that they buy again. As we have learned, developing in foreign herb market also is to look, eat, drink, hear, cure blossoms in the round, appear often in the daily life of people. Let a product show same effect with different form, can saying is a function kind the efficient way that the product extends.
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