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Flavor is in the position of new-style additive agent for food
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According to People's Republic of China " Food Sanitation Law (try out) " regulation, additive agent for food is to point to " to improve food character is mixed color, sweet, be ignorant of and for anticorrosive the chemistry in need with what machine craft and adding provision compounds natural perhaps matter. " set at the same time: "The additive agent for food that the natural artificial perhaps complex in adding provision to enhance nutrient class status belongs to natural nutriment limits " call " food aggrandizement agent " . Also belong to category of additive agent for food.

Additive agent for food has the following effect: L) the safe-deposit sex that strengthens provision, prevent the putrefaction, nutrition value that maintain or increases provision. Antiseptic and antioxidant can reduce this kind of loss, prolong the storage life of food, can prevent bromatoxism. 2) the feeling that improves food watchs character. After food is machined, some fading, some becoming angry, gust and quality of a material are changed possibly also somewhat. If use colorant, flavor and emulsifying agent, thickener to wait appropriately, can carry the lubricious, sweet, flavour of food, configuration and quality of a material. 3) be helpful for food processing an operation, the mechanization that gets used to production and change continuously. Clarifier, filter aid and anti-foaming agent, coagulating agent bigger effect can be produced in this respect. 4) contented and other special requirement. If do not have nutrient sweet taste,the agent can satisfy the special requirement of the diabetic.
Source of fetch of additive agent for food can divide it is two kinds: Natural additive agent for food and chemistry synthesize additive agent for food. Press functional cent, according to GBI2493-90 " classification of additive agent for food and code " , our country is its cent: Agent of inorganic agent of the agent of foundation of candy of loose agent of the acidity conditioning agent, agent that fight a form, anti-foaming agent, antioxidant, bleacher, Peng, glue Mu, colorant, agent that protect quality, emulsifying agent, enzymatic preparation, agent that add flavor, flour, velamen, moisture carries agent, stability and coagulating agent, , in all 22 kinds.

Regard additive agent for food as use material, its most fundamental condition is use security, it is craft effect next. General requirement: Itself of additive agent for food should pass evaluation of sufficient poisonous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, have strict quality level, the proof is harmless to human body inside certain scope of application. After entering human body, best the material with can participate in human body normal metabolizes; Or via detoxify of normal and alexipharmic process back row gives put oneself in another's position outside; Or because do not draw eduction put oneself in another's position outside; Cannot be decomposed in human body internal cause or reaction forms harmful to human body material
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