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The current situation of essence flavor industry and future
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Current situation of essence perfume company shows pattern of tripartite confrontation of the Three Kingdoms, 3 endowment the enterprise is mixed with its technology advantage of economic actual strength, tremendous latent capacity is had in industry of Chinese essence flavor. According to statistic, before ranking the world 10 essence perfume business all has investment in China, depend on its brand, advanced technology, throw the management concept with the standard large-scaly, development speed is very swift and violent, in Chinese essence flavor in already became on high-grade market cannot oscillatory main body, leading the tide of industry of Chinese essence flavor. State-owned company remains the principal part of market of Chinese essence flavor, enterprise of state-owned old brand because its history is long, the trademark is well-known degree tall, quality is stable, the price is low, and get extensively the favour of the user, holding main market share. Enterprise of villages and towns, civilian battalion is in of current state policy encourage below, development is very swift and violent, won an user by right of its agile management mechanism and considerate service reputably, its market share is expanding ceaselessly.
Adjacent inside short time or industry of flavor of our country essence is synchronous at international advanced level, as a result of the country macroscopical economy is adjusted, encourage demesne economy and other economy enter state-owned capital, accordingly, change is the biggest henceforth for state-owned company, the technical level that will be essence flavor industry rises greatly, the period that capital structure major key is rectified and manages ideal about-face. The relation will conform to the principle of simplicity between the enterprise great war of odd become divided, price, price does not have foreword alliedly or change of elementary competition status is strategic alliance. This kind of alliance is a purpose with getting forestall profit no longer, abuse market strength no longer, should comprise a resource to share however, technical collaboration, dominant position is complementary, strong strong hand in hand medicinal powder loose interest community, below the big setting of global economic integration, form worldwide effective competition.

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