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Catch up with flavor demand footstep is natural flavor latent capacity remains t
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Our country rich is rich, it is the big country that teems with natural flavor. According to not complete count, our country has a variety of 400 flavor plants, the natural flavor that already produced at present has 120 a variety of. Among them, oil of menthene, laurel and the yield with fat Hui reside the world firmly already the first. Accordingly, no matter be on flavor plant resource, on the breed of the natural flavor that still has formed commodity at present and amount, our country already all had proper place in the world, already became one of manufacturing big states of natural flavor.   
The development of line of business of our country perfume is rapidder, current, our country is mixed except Inner Mongolia, Tibet besides Ningxia, each save the others to all have flavor manufacturer, business of completely state-owned perfume has more than 800, our country flavor consumes the market to having tremendous latent capacity. According to statistic, the whole world is right the demand of flavor year increase rate is 5.4% . Net of Chinese chemical industry expresses, the biggest to flavor demand market is the country such as China, Brazil, India and Mexico.   
Net of Chinese chemical industry thinks, the natural flavor majority of our country stays on the abstraction that offers raw material and industrial flavor, did not develop to natural flavor deepness. The industry of our country suffers since development is long-term an intersected influence, affect flavor trade commercialize development, cause perfume line of business to stay in simple reproduction phase, did not offer the goods of high-tech content to consumer directly. Net of Chinese chemical industry thinks market of our country natural flavor is in the level that raises urgently now, the market although already blossom everywhere, but can saying only is on rich golden mine chaos opens stretch, this basically behaves in the following:   
One, provide raw material simply. Northeast area is for instance arisen " sweetgrass is hot " . Sweetgrass is precious flavor, go up in the international market value is very high, demand is bigger. But be gone to by the plant use after cropper will be dry however now in the city, with every individual plant the price of 1 yuan of money is handled simply. Sweetgrass is regarded as a bedroom, sleep of pillow, sweet bursa sweet turn material, the city is very much the family puts even closet even have sweetgrass. Be in abroad, in the treatment that sweetgrass is used at food, nicotian course of study, cosmetic and wholesome goods in great quantities, its essence oil is known as " liquid gold " . If our country is not simple,use sweetgrass insolation at the bedroom, the value that believes it will be greater.   
2, the craft that extracts oil of essence of life is backward. Our country is annual the crop of all sorts of natural flavor oil is more than 20000 tons, outside be being used except home, the exit forehead of annual and natural flavor achieves above of 200 million dollars. Natural flavor resource passes deep treatment only, production gives ability of eligible flavor edible vegetable oil to produce economic benefits. And the method that what our country uses generally at present is rough machining, although resemble exceeding the international such as extraction of critical carbon dioxide,current method has an attempt in our country, but investment of be confined to and dimensions, did not get actually carrying out. Current, although cry so that compare noisy special device on our country market, also can cater to our country to supply the need that processes raw material for world market only, from form product of flavor of high additional cost finally to still have larger space.   
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