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Flavor essence enterprise begs development route to be in He Fang
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On August 20 dispatch as we have learned, the fluctuation of catenary of flavor essence industry swims this year the enterprise all bears enormous pressure. State-owned company still occupies position, and numerous civilian battalion enterprise is in in cheap market oncoming force is roaring, and in a large number of portion that high-grade product plants by 3 endowment the enterprise is occupational, in this kind big environment falls, how should our country's numerous flavor essence medium and small businesses develop, is the road in He Fang?
Medium and small businesses of essence of our country flavor is current much apt drifts with the tide, the development that did not put forward to be aimed at him enterprise characteristic is politic, be opposite so direction of the following development is a little spellbound. According to the analysis, those who place before medium and small businesses of essence of our country flavor have 4 ways:
One. It is to increase strength of industry product structural adjustment, adjust natural flavor, synthesis flavor and essence the scale of 3 kinds of big products;
2. It is to make full use of Chinese geography, climate and resource advantage, the development that increases pair of natural flavor is used, pay attention to breed seed selection and resource protection and second birth, especially China's particular advantage breed;
3 it is to increase science and technology to throw strength, develop technical innovation energetically, development gives the new product that has intellectual property, the choice has the synthetic flavor that develops China mainly;
4 should face the news that expands quickly, build the trade news network of flavor essence, build the platform that communication communicates, pay attention to conform in respect and the international market such as the price, quality, code.
Be based on this, net of Chinese chemical industry hand in hand committee of major of fine chemical industry of energy of society of Chinese chemical industry is held at was in Shanghai in November " technology of essence of first China flavor and market peak forum " , the fluctuation of catenary of industry of include flavor essence swims enterprise, invite the most authoritative expert professor to be done for you the most thorough analyse and elaborate, build the platform that a communication communicates for flavor essence enterprise, the development route of flavor essence industry is in He Fang, height forum is solved one by one for you, conspire to develop with you.

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