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The market current situation of our country flavor and foreground brief analyse
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On August 28 dispatch flavor industry is to invest little, effects fast, accumulate much, change collect high industry. Nearly 20 come for years, sale status of trade of international flavor essence shows the trend of constant growth. At present flavor essence sale refines labour in world essence medical industry is next to in large trade, reside the 2nd. Of flavor essence industry and people living standard rise, closely related the development of food industry. From worldwide look, in recent years, the growth rate of flavor essence industry all the time the average development speed of industry of prep above other. According to the report, the sale 1970 makes an appointment with international flavor industry 1.3 billion dollar, added 1990 to 5l 100 million dollars, broke up one time almost to 2000, amount to 10 billion dollar, according to the United States " chemical market " report, world flavor was mixed 2003 essence market year the sale is 150 much dollars, flavor of predicting international market (essence of life) 10 years henceforth annual increase rate is 47% , predict to will exceed 20 billion dollar to the end of 2008. Growing the fastest area is Asia-Pacific area, and because China is current on the low side of wastage of average per capita, henceforth will be the state with the most vigorous demand on the world 10 years. Flavor essence industry is in China is the market the industry with wide, big dosage, because this says,go up for sunny industry. China has advantaged natural flavor resource, it is the country of the biggest natural flavor production on the world, have the advantage with raw material low cost, because this is having very large development space and market potential.

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