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Global flavor smoke produces situation analysis
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The produce of international trade sex that basically is centered at Europe as a crude place of production, the prospective development trend that flavor smoke produces basically depends on the development of the influence that policy of agriculture of international market demand, Europe changes and other country.
1 . Demand is analysed 1995, 10 years of 2004, world cigarette crop is quite stable, the sheer quantity that does not have chew smoke among them and scale are in slow drop, the amount of filter mouth smoke and scale increase gradually.
Flavor smoke basically is used at mixing model the production with place cigarette. As a result of international tobacco the tycoon is entered, the cigarette manufacturing industry with former state of production of main flavor tobacco is received, annex or transform, changed original product category and color, had caused the change of consumer taste and tendentiousness, make kinds of these production of national flavor tobacco happened about-face with management mode. Although the whole world turns over smoking to move to upsurge as always, world Health Organization takes the lead to be formed through negotiating between the government " convention of nicotian control frame " already become effective, people still has reason to believe, in last few years world cigarette consumption won't decrease apparently. As a result of worldwide inside consumes cigarette mixes with beautiful type model give priority to, will maintain to the demand of flavor smoke so go down.
2. The existence of collective agriculture policy to flavor smoke demand does not mean the European Union production of tobacco of prospective world flavor will develop smoothly. Because main flavor smoke produces a country (basically export a nation especially) all be located in Europe, had been European Union member country or applying for to join an European Union, because the agricultural policy of this European Union is right,production of prospective flavor tobacco takes the effect of situation will be very tremendous and far-reaching.
Long-term since, european agriculture and farmer enjoy governmental subsidy, this kind of allowance suffers the opposition of world other country not only, also violate the principle of fair free trade that place of World Trade Organization establishs, also reach its to the European Union at the same time each member country brought serious burden. Expand quickly as the development of European unifinication process and European Union, european Union from 20 century 90 time rises to undertake an analysis to its agriculture policy ceaselessly, adjust and reform, formed today European market community (CMO) collective agriculture policy (CAP) . To nicotian production character, the most crucial the directest content is rise from 2006, to across-the-board onefold farm subsidy is carried out stage by stage inside 4 years of 2010 (SFP) system, make agricultural allowance unhook (allowance and production depart) . Rise from 2006 namely, the original allowance that has 40 % at least will turn into system of onefold farm subsidy, remain the subsidy that does not exceed 60 % to continue only in order to produce the formal allowance tobacco grower of allowance. In the meantime, 4 % must be taken out in producing allowance (2006) or 5 % (2007) establish community tobacco fund, in order to aid financially the knowledge that community improves people to consume a harm to tobacco. According to new subsidy system, begin from 2006, tobacco grower is needless kind of smoke, can receive the unhook subsidy of at least 40 % ; If single member country is willing if, can increase the share of this kind of unhook allowance to 100 % . From 2010, 2012, tobacco grower place receives unhook allowance to will increase to 50 % , the allowance of additionally 50 % turns to produce allowance to replace. Right now the tobacco grower of whole European Union need not cultivate tobacco to be able to receive all subsidy. European Union tobacco is produced after 2010 will drop badly.
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