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Analysis of oily market of 7 years of energy and trend of 8 years of development
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As upsurge of natural plant hairdressing arisen, the oil of essence of life that already had history of a few chiliad is sweet a kind of sweet grass, jump once more litre to scenic center. What what differ is, it appears with primitive scene no longer, also wrap around personally no longer mysterious veil. Nowadays, refine a technology by right of contemporary high-tech, oil of popular choice aing kind of sweet grass is become current most fashionable hairdressing protects skin to taste leading role.
2007, oil of essence of life is the sunny industry of hairdressing bound
Nowadays, people is below the double pressure of the life and job, a lot of people are in inferior health, feel exhaustion of body and mind. If these pressure cannot get in time alleviate and be eliminationed, can cause the disease of all sorts of physiology and psychological respect. Seek the person of life quality, begin to take health of oneself body and mind seriously more, serve demand to of all kinds health care at the same time bigger and bigger. Let body and mind be loosened below some kind of environment, achieve body and mind by article of professional personage have the aid of, professional gimmick the slow, position that improves health -- balmy essence oil can make us sufficient enjoy these. As the understanding of oily to popular choice aing kind of sweet grass industry, and of popular market aing kind of sweet grass mature with each passing day, the foreground of energy oily industry more and more be valued. The development space that this means oily industry of popular energy aing kind of sweet grass is vast.
Concerned data shows, modern is entering indoor air to pollute period, indoor air puts the town in a variety of harmful material pollution, wait for volatile organic compound like 2 oxidation sulfur, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde; In addition, still have the microbial contaminant such as virus of a few such as, pollen and dirt mite, these contaminant exceed bid on average in the indoor air of Chinese city 4 to 8 times, the people body state that lives for a long time in this kind of environment is in inferior health. More serious is, at present mortality of our country cancer is shown rise continuously trend, and because the carcinogen place in the environment is caused,the cancer of 80%-90% is. And what at present popularity rises is sweet a kind of sweet grass, it is oil of " plant essence of life " classics fumes sweet, inspiratory, bath, massage wait for a method to apply at daily life in, achieve purify peculiar smell to purify air, adjust body endocrine, enhance the action of immune ability. The sweet oil that suffocate essence of life can raise powerful body of disease of Yan Yi sex, dispel already, also can regard a kind of decorous display as, reason already became the fashion of numerous and young men and women now. The sweet oil that suffocate essence of life recuperates the means of the body as a kind, be in abroad very general, open the sweet perspective that fume inn considerable. Can purify air not only, and in still can letting a person be in pure and fresh, natural, free from worry feeling, eliminate melancholy and fatigue feeling. This is helpful for the development of oil of essence of life.
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