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Oily constituent of essence of red bayberry leaf is analysed
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Law of the distill that use water gets oil of essence of life from the evaporate in Myrica Gale L of red bayberry leaf, analyse oil of whole essence of life with GC and GC/MS next.
From inside oil of essence of life check gives 48 constituent, among them with alcohol of Xi of eucalyptus Xie You (Eudesm-11-en-4-ol) (11.5% ) , bay Xi (11.5% ) , - China pink Xi (8.4% ) and - cress Xi (7.1% ) for bases.
A lot of containing nitrification content cannot receive direct appraisal from inside analysing complete oil. Use high-pressured Flash color atlas to distribute oil of essence of life into 4 parts for this author, use GC and GC/MS to undertake an analysis respectively to this 4 parts next.
The first part is terpene hydrocarbon, the 2nd part is mixed the 3rd part is main by contain oxidation to add up to content to form.
Ketone of big sweet leaf (Germacrone, 46.3% ) be the 2nd part advocate composition,
Oxide of China pink Xi (Caryophyllene Oxide, 44.8% ) with oxide of annulus of 葎 careless Xi II (Humulene Epoxide II, 22.1% ) be the 3rd part advocate composition.
The 4th part by alcohol kind composition, with alcohol of Xi of forest of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument (Selin-11-en-4-ol, 78.6% ) give priority to.

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