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Market of Chinese olive oil grows foreground and investment opportunity analysis
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One, Chinese olive oil
1, general situation of olive oil market. Olive oil is oil of vegetable of a kind of when connect super-cooling to extract a method to machine extraction from inside fructification of fresh olive growing natural, nutrition high-grade edible. Olive country of origin is in Mediterranean coastal state, at present total output of global olive oil is controlled for 2.6 million tons about, 3% what take edible plant oily market about, the olive oil that waits for a country with Spain, Italy, Greek, Tunisia among them is most famous, manufacturing history is most long also. 90% what the total output of olive oil of Mediterranean coastal state holds global total output, and only crop of Spanish olive oil achieved global total output 40% the left and right sides, speaking a volume also is the world the first. Our country from on 60 time begin the century introduce cultivate olive, at present of olive cultivate base to basically distributing to wait for catchment at Bai Longjiang, Jia Lingjiang plain, the province area such as pleasant, short for Shaanxi Province, another name for Yunnan Province, the production of our country olive oil still is in at present start exploration phase, the olive oil product of the Chinese brand of position can have not been had truly on the market.
2, the nutrient value of olive oil. The content of not saturated fatty acid in high grade olive oil is adjacent 90% , and mode of fatty acid balance is close to human body place need. 55% ~ are contained in olive oil the oleic acid of 83% , 3.5% , the flax of the linoleic acid of 21% and 0.3%-1.5% is acerbity, the saturated fatty acid in oil (15%) , odd not full fatty acid (75%) and much not saturated fatty acid (the ideal pattern that 10%) constitutes scale to be close to dietetics home to recommend most 1: 6: 1, among them W3 fatty acid (2%) and 006 fatty acid (the ideal pattern that 8%) matchs to recommend than also according with dietetics home 1: 4. Additional, the vitamin of fat dissolve sex such as the A that human body place still contains to need in olive oil, D, E, K and other nurture are qualitative, consequently olive oil by the coronal with " the mankind's most good nutrition health care is oily " , " liquid gold " wait for the United States praise. Although the price is high, but very get consumer reception.
2, olive oil develops form in the hair of our country
1, current situation of market of our country olive oil. Foreign olive oil 90 time evening begins 20 centuries exploration develops our country market, there are a few product p reapers to enter oily market of plant of our country edible at the beginning of this century, since 2003, short 2-3 year, foreign brand olive oil develops our country to consume the strength of the market to be increased apparently, in successive years of volume of import of our country olive oil is swift and violent increase by degrees. According to not complete count, 1998, the of all kinds olive oil that our country imports is controlled 150 tons only, and achieved 400 tons 2001, 2003 mean monthly import volume increased than 2002 46% , the growth range that olive oil squeezes first among them is the biggest, increased by degrees than 2002 141% . Volume of olive oil import was jumped 2004 litre reach 2700 tons, achieved 3900 tons 2005. Beijing custom statistic makes clear, the import volume of olive oil of Beijing of before this year two months achieved many tons 600. The orgnaization is forecasted, our country olive oil imported a quantity to will be close to 10 thousand tons or so 2006. Can see, the import volume of olive oil is in with year all about 60% growth rate of the left and right sides enter our country market.
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