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The 3 old law of successful obtain employment
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Law of state of mind
To each to apply for a job person for, they hope they can find to be able to develop him specialty, treatment very expensive work. It is however in the process of actual choose course of study, the favour of such make the best of both worlds is like very hard really wish. This among them reason admittedly a lot of, but having a very main reason is: To apply for a job person whether course of study of choose of objective look upon.
The hesitation of short-haired pelt ass. A lot of people are choosing a profession, when making a career, can exist " the hesitation of short-haired pelt ass " : Ass of a short-haired pelt, in sere boundless and indistinct prairie superior found two caboodle grass not easily, but hesitate again and again it do not know to have which one lot repeatedly is better to do not know to have which one lot repeatedly, result while still alive is starved to death. This admonishs we: The person's expectation is worth cannot too tall, want in the choice painful be determined, can not look around absolutely and let slip a golden opportunity. Fish and bear's paw cannot hold concurrently, this is common law.
Always want to collect a big watermelon. To apply for a job person often be when choose course of study choose whatever is to one's personal advantage, never be satisfied where one is. In the end however hold the bag, accomplish nothing. Accordingly, to apply for a job person before choose course of study, should the requirement of the professional specialty oneself and unit of choose and employ persons is united in wedlock actually rise, contrast choose course of study goes again after measuring.
Ideal law
Value the job to develop foreground to excel pay. Of the aggravate as competition and income rise generally, the focus that the person that the individual's development and future already made choose trade pays close attention to. When the choice works, pay is the first consideration element of employee choose course of study no longer, the position already dropped the 23rd, those who replace is individual development and enterprise foreground.
First course of study of the choose after obtain employment. Although economic situation and each country of obtain employment situation differ somewhat, but to to apply for a job person choose course of study, get a variety of factors such as working experience restrict, want to find a good job to still have certain difficulty. So, "First course of study of the choose after obtain employment " the idea is beginning popularity. Choose other individual to develop a form. For example study of with great concentration, preparative take an examination ofing grinds continue to take advanced courses; Learn English, one's deceased father TOEFL, GRE is elegant perhaps think of, preparation goes abroad; Do poineering work independently, preparatory capital achieves office to manage; Make free profession, namely SOHU gens.
Pursuit is popular be inferior to valueing latent capacity. Although the industry such as IT course of study is very absorbing, but these industry competition are intense, the technology is updated fast, practitioner is not relaxed. Then, a lot of people begin to change the look to the latent capacity such as medicine, environmental protection, insurance the industry.
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