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1. Sale increase rate
Analyse the growth case of sale. In principle says, the sale of agency has relatively grow substantially, just be outstanding agency. To the growth of sale the circumstance must do concrete analysis. The case such as the average growth that the clerk should combine the market to rise state, our company goods will analyse, quite. If the sale of an agency is in,grow, but the market is had rate, from already if the average increase rate of company commodity does not grow to fall instead, can say or state with certainty so, the clerk is inappropriate to the management of this agency be apt to.
2. Sale statistic
Analytic year, month is other sale, in the meantime, examine the content of a sale.
If year sale is in,grow, but each month sale has bigger wave motion, state of this kind of sale is diseased. The sale of agency shows stability to rise situation, just saying to go up to the management of agency is perfect. Balance weak season sales volume, it is one big liability of the clerk.
3. Sale rate
The sale that examines our company commodity namely occupies agency to sell the rate of amount.
If the sale of this enterprise is in,grow, but if the sells amount rate that sale of him company commodity holds agency is very low however, the clerk should strengthen the management of pair of this agency.
4. Cost ratio
Although sale grows very fast, but the growth that the growth of charge exceeds sale, still be diseased expression.
Sell at a discount a large number of replenish onr's stock, although stock is not much,do not sell at a discount also not replenish onr's stock, and lead expensive competitive company replenish onr's stock to the discount, this is not good trade relation. The client does not have faithfulness to you, the client management job that shows you does not reach the designated position.
5. The state that payment for goods reclaims
Payment for goods reclaims is agency management is important one annulus. Although the sale of agency is very tall, but payment for goods reclaims not successful or many protracted payment for goods, the question is bigger.
6. Know the policy of the enterprise
The clerk cannot seek the growth of sale blindly quite. The clerk should let agency understand the guiding principle of the enterprise, and assuredly abides by the policy of the enterprise, promote the growth of sale then.
A few unfair practices, goods of the malign competition that is like disturbed market, change, although increased sale, but the integral interest that harmed a company, it is harmful and profitless. Accordingly, let the agency knowledge, policy that abide by and coordinates a business, it is the serious side that the clerk runs to agency.
7. Sell variety
The clerk wants to understand above all, whether is the product that agency sells the overall product of own company, perhaps be one part only just.
Although agency sale is very tall, but the commodity of the sale the goods that be confined to promotes popular goods, easily, the commodity that as to oneself the company hopes the commodity of sales promotion, profit is higher, new product, agency is not willing to sell or be sold not actively however, this also is not good way. The clerk should try to make agency balanced sell the product of the enterprise.
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