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The skill that professional career develops
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1, on the way that develops in professional career, important is not your located now position, stride however next direction
2, professional career development and management: Want to begin only, forever not late; Want to progress only, always have a space
3, the every time of professional career jumps development character is in order to learn new knowledge, build new idea to be premise condition
4, career of on-the-job course of study is inchoate, exercising the biggest job to oneself is first-rate job; In professional career metaphase, earning money to work at most is first-rate job; In professional career later period, realizing the work with life the greatest value is first-rate job
5, in the process that develops in professional career, when your working enthusiasm, effort the program is not pay pay not tall, do not evaluate for superior unjust and decrease, you began to work for oneself since thenceforth.
6, must not put your main energy in the superior that helps you to correct defect mistake to go up, with same time and energy, you can learn the good point that reach from his body, certain the over weakness that can help him correct
7, the day of the professional anchor that decides you, when with respect to the profession that is you change is your career.
8, there is blank spot on the way that develops in professional career; Each environment of avery kind of, job is one kind takes exercise, failure of each difficulty, every time is an opportunity
9, on the way that develops in professional career, want not to abandon a goal only, failure of every time setback, every time is valuable
10, career of on-the-job course of study is earlier, what we may do is he do not like and the work that does not miss human affairs lifetime. Want to distinguish: Liking this inductrial injury is a thing, should have done this portion inductrial injury, capable to had done this inductrial injury it is another thing. Be sure to keep in mind: Profession
11, successful person and unsuccessful person nod with respect to all but: Successful person can revise a method countless times, but do not abandon a goal easily absolutely; Unsuccessful person always changes an end, do not change a method namely.
12, professional administrative law is aimless be no good, the target is too much be no good, the target always runs to also be no good. It is to the processing technique of the target: Choice, clear, decompose, combination, add time coordinate
13, the target is decomposed is a flight of stairs that can ascend the stairs is built between the implementation of real unfavorable situation and good will, target combination is to find out each other is the cause and effect, memory connection that promotes each other between different goal
14, the premise that seeking knowledge is self-fulfilment, begging the United States is the process of self-fulfilment
15, the difficulty that did not find a means of settlement temporarily only, without the difficulty that cannot resolve
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