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The legislation of essence of foreign food flavor and management are drawn lesso
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What establish flavor code the earliest is Germany and United States. What be worth to take seriously in the food flavor code of industrial developed country is the code of the United States and Council of Europe. The base that food flavor of the United States establishs works by FEMA(FlavourExtractManufacturersAs, Sociation) namely American food flavor and extract maker association are held the position of, its get FDA is approbated as a result, they are proper to the course the food flavor of safe evaluation in order to affirm person the form is published, and the coronal thinks normally namely with GRAS(safe) FEMA number. It is OK that A coronal is in the United States with the food flavor of GRAS title with GMP(namely good production practice is normative) formal safety is used.
Already announced flavor of food of 20 batches of GRAS so far (one batch is recently published) in December 2001. GRASFEMA number already began to already made up 4023 from 2001, namely already material of 3023 kinds of flavor acquires FEMA number. The food flavor that includes GRAS list also is not invariable. As science and technology progress arrives of data of poisonous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties accumulate and of contemporary analysis technology rise, every other a certain number of year time, raise an opinion again newly, determine GRAS status afresh. So far the flavor of 4 kinds of food of original GRASFEMA number already was cancelled its GRAS title, it is namely in food essence taboo.
The food flavor code of Council of Europe kind with the regulation at IOFI, they are used " mixture system " will establish code for food flavor.
IOFI(InternationalOrganizationofFlavorIn, Dustry) namely organization of international of food flavor industry held water in August 1969, the Brussels of headquarters locate Belgium, geneva of Switzerland of scientific secretariat locate. According to practice experience is mixed improve work efficiency, rebuilt in Geneva 1979, headquarters and scientific secretariat all are set in Geneva.
The association of industry of essence of flavor of national level food that the member of IOFI basically produces a country for essence of flavor of the food on the world. Its task is to pass scientific working formulate to give the food flavor code that can be all member country to accept, in order to overcome barrier of trade of blame custom duty, the health of industry of essence of stimulative food flavor develops.
The food flavor code of IOFI is mixture system, namely the natural flavor of foregone to having noxiousness stipulates they are highest in food essence or final food set limit to; To man-made food flavor in order to affirm person the form tries to manage, it provide spice of what man-made food namely is OK to provide spice of what man-made food namely safety is used; To natural the food flavor that be equal need not list. 1978 IOFI formulate carry out code, this code gave the second edition 1985 and with flower, a variety of characters such as law, heart, meaning, Spain are published, this code can be legislation of essence of flavor of our country food and management to draw lessons from.
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