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The superintendency measure of American additive agent for food
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One, management of American additive agent for food
American food and compasses of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law set the 201st times, additive agent for food is direct or enter provision secondhand and make provision any material of one part. Alleged and direct additive agent for food, it is to point to the material in adding provision directly. Alleged and indirect additive agent for food, be point to the material that pack or other the material that contacts with food, below reasonable anticipation, change the material in food. According to this definition, food burden also is the one part of additive agent for food, this is the different point that the United States and most country define to additive agent for food.
American law sets, by Fda (food medicaments management board) share code of additive agent for food directly make and manage. Because of the flesh kind by American Ministry of Agriculture (Usda) management, the additive that is used at the flesh and rasorial goods needs to get Fda and the attestation with bilateral Usda; And wine and smoke are mixed by liquor tobacco tax Board of Trade (Ttb) management, the additive agent for food that is used at wine, smoke also executes double managing. The fundamental job of legislation of additive agent for food often is assumed by corresponding association.
If the foundation of food essence legislation works by Fema (American food flavor and extract maker association) hold the position of, after its safety evaluates a result to get Fda is approbated, announce with affirmative form, and coronal with Gras (general and accepted safety) Fema number. As progress of science and technology and data of poisonous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties accumulate, and of contemporary analysis technology rise, every other a certain number of after year, the security of additive agent for food can be mixed to announce by reappraisal. American food and Pharmaceutical Affairs Law set the 402nd times, pass evaluation and the additive agent for food that announce to ability is produced and apply only, can be maintained to be otherwise insecure. The provision that contains insecure additive agent for food criterion " unfavorable edible " , the food of unfavorable edible prohibits selling.
American regulation, in food accepted for but the material that safety uses does not belong to category of additive agent for food, but also execute rigorous management to the use of this kind of material. Fda already pursued the bulletin system of a new accepted and safe material, refer its product to Fda by manufacturing company namely, according to its utility attributes the report of accepted and safe material, fda is inside proper time (it is 180 days normally) , affirm to applicant post a letter or deny the accepted security of the material of application.

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