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Science and technology of flavor beverage institute produces already battalion a
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Institute of beverage of flavor of academy of sciences of Chinese intertropical agriculture (place of abbreviation sweet drink) held water in May 1957, basically assume our country the tropics such as peppery, coffee, sweet cymbidium, cocoa is sweet the introduce a fine variety of laborious beverage crop and intertropical fruiter, seed selection is planted, high yield helps advance somebody's career, technical research and intertropical travel agriculture develop the set form a complete set such as treatment of prevention and cure of plant diseases and insect pests, product. Since 1997, idea of change of sweet drink place, look for exact location, face the market, ego reform, build " scientific research, development, travel is Trinitarian " development mode, scientific research, development and industry organic union, implementation needs to attend class according to the market problem, rely on achievement to start promotion development, support industry manages the benign development mechanism that feeds back scientific research. Adopt reform, sweet drink place came true to span type develops, walked out of to rely on achievement of agricultural science and technology to change, face the market, expand the oneself, successful region that serves a society.
1 industry develops a case
1.1 industries develop the current situation
1.1.1 industries manage success
The industry saves economy to develop a tendency via Hainan of battalion base oneself upon, play tropics is made (establish) environment of species qualitative resource, zoology and stand by advantage of city of travel of flourishing hot spring, develop project of travel of intertropical agriculture sightseeing. Through travel development makes benefit of society of economy of translate into of institute resource advantage, at the same time stimulative scientific research and development enter the market directly. The institute was registered 1998 " institute of beverage of flavor of academy of sciences of Chinese intertropical agriculture is flourishing and intertropical arboretum " business charter of enterprise blame legal person, basically manage the project such as sale of travel service, product.
Of flourishing and intertropical arboretum build, came true to plant qualitative resource development and view and admire travel photograph union, formed the brand of travel of agricultural science and technology that has distinguishing feature alone, have taller market force. Since open 1997 travel is managed, travel recieves a quantity to show ascendant trend all the time, year all travel recieve increase rate for 27.8% . 2000 ~ 2005, arboretum welcomes tourist in all 5.794 million person-time, year all travel recieve a number 966 thousand person-time, take a place travel of 10 thousand peaceful city recieves number proportion for 44.8% , occupy Hainan to save average travel to recieve number proportion for 21.5% , market share assumes year after year fast ascendant trend. Recieve tourist quantity and Hainan to visit other travel area (dot) photograph comparing, rank the 5th, famous spend and appeal increases increasingly.
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