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5 kinds of when controller ought to have basic ability
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Any person, become an outstanding governor possibly, it is the ability that most person did not observe management only this problem. Controller needs some more outstanding than be not controller capability, and these ability are not uncanny, want to notice only, we can be made. These administrative ability are:
1, the controller with incentive outstanding ability should be good at incentive employee not only, be good at ego drive even.
The ability that wants him play that makes employee sufficient works hard, be about of an employee " want me to do " become " I should be done " , the optimal method that implements this kind of change has drive to employee namely. If we use jussive of incentive means and rather than,means works to employee arrangement, the make success that can make employee experiences him more feels.
Incentive means can not make your administrative power force is lost by disappear. Contrary, your more can easy arrangement works, can make they are willing to be subject to more your management.
As a controller, especially high-level controller, have a lot of multifarious work everyday, reach a large number of thorny issues to need to solve, additional, ponder over the development of the company and future even. Even if is such, controller still must maintain good humor to confront employee and client from beginning to end.
The pressure of controller cans be imagined. Ego drive is to alleviate the important step of this kind of pressure. Carry the kind of ego drive, can change pressure into motivation, strengthen the confidence with successful job.
2, the capacity that controls a mood
A mature leader should have very strong sentiment to control capacity. When mood of a leader very flooey when, very rare subordinate dare report the work, because fear his bad mood can affect pair of jobs and his evaluation, this is very natural. The stand or fall of mood of controller of a high level, can affect the mood of whole company even. If he often cannot dominate his sentiment as a result of a few things, the whole efficiency that meets those who affect a company likely. Tell from this bit of meaning, when you become a governor, your mood is not his private business only any more, he can affect the employee of your subordinate etc branch; And your post is higher, this kind of consequence jumps over man-hour of the member that criticizing when controller greatly, also want to dominate oneself sentiment, avoid to let employee feel your dissatisfaction to him as far as possible. Criticize out of control of the mood when employee to avoid to be in, had better look for him to talk again when him is calm. Additional, a little outstanding controller is good at using life to undertake criticism, means of this kind of criticism may be verbal not much, but the effect is very apparent, special the employee that applies to refuse to mend one's ways despite of repeated admonition. This kind of life and mood out of control are different, it is intended, the mood is in can accuse state. Although control sentiment is such important, but true the can very good controller that dominates him sentiment is not much, mix to disposition urgent a confusion of voices especially the controller with perfect pursuit, control mood appears by for difficulty.
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