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The compose of company core competition ability is built
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Join WTO as economic globalization and our country, competition basically reflects the competition between the enterprise to go up between the country, and the competition of the enterprise basically is company core competition ability show. How be organized and promote company core competition ability the attention place that is government and enterprise.
One, company core competition ability is formed theoretically and characteristic
Ability of company core competition contains many levels, baconian rise to basically include the following 5 respects:
1. Industry technology develops ability. Technical development is to point to use the existing knowledge that gains from inside research and practical experience or from exterior introduce a technology, to produce new product, device, build what new technology undertakes materiality with the system to improve the work. Current, a few big companies of foreign or company, fall like IBM, pine, the company such as Xi Menzi, Microsoft established technical skill to develop an orgnaization, in intense competition, grab first machine, the manpower that forms oneself is accumulated, make others is imitated hard and surmount, ensure the competitive advantage of the enterprise.
2. The strategy of the enterprise is decision-making ability. The strategy of the enterprise is decision-making the configuration that decided company core resource. The period that develops relative stability in the industry maintains company core ability and accumulated consistency, accurate the trends that casts an industry changes, timely the adjustment that has company core capacity. Answer after the enterprise is decision-making from company core ability breed, the strategic question that the angle that grow and accumulates will come to consider a company.
3. The ability of core market sale of the enterprise. It involves the management of company sale network and channel and control. Use scientific sale program, develop fine sale team, coordinate various sale aspect, use advertisement effect effectively, advantage of competition of market of the melt into outside the technical advantage of the enterprise.
4. The organization coordinates a business each factor of production, have the capacity of significant production. Face the market of constant change, the enterprise should have an advantage, must maintain production from beginning to end, manage, management each each link, branches are harmonious, unified, efficient. Goal of strategy of the constituent construction that it involves a company, company, information is delivered, the respect such as incentive mechanism and company culture. According to level requirement differring in production, organize resource effectively, make its are in respective run normally locally.
5. Ability of market meet an emergency. External environment produces change constantly, enterprise policymaker must have the inductive capacity of acumen, maintain management general plan to get used to the change of external environment. The event that if appear,cannot expect, if the adjustment of policy of the invention of some technology, government is waited a moment, the enterprise must take out the measure of a meet an emergency and measure well and truly, reduce the likelihood to lowermost rate to the influence of enterprise oneself.
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