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The whole world is the most professional such refine become flavor company
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One of companies of the world's biggest daily expense consumable -- Bao Jie, the time cost that casts a brand is 160 years, and in Hangzhou sweet chemical limited company, one produces the Hangzhou business of the factory without oneself, from do not have have, reach the world again 500 do the production that stick a card by force for its, become the most professional flavor company on the world, time cost is 3 years merely.
"In sweet " how to succeed after all? "In sweet mode " be duplicated likely? Recently, congress of application of informatization of industry of cosmetic of essence of flavor of first whole nation is in Hangzhou hold, flavor of president of sweet chemical limited company, China is chemical in Hangzhou net ( CEO Jiang Weihua and its " in sweet mode " made industry central point.
Practical speech, earn come new business is companionate
Be in China, the affiliated enterprise of flavor essence industry has many 30, as among them, how you market your product effectively? Jiang Weihua's speech is not long, talk however incisive, point to crucial point continuously. Fall around the information asymmetry current situation that exists inside course of study at present, "What can net of Chinese flavor chemistry do for the enterprise " pragmatism is topical, jiang Weihua's live speech won applause not only, more oneself website earns came new business is companionate.
"Heard Jiang Zong's speech, many managers attending the meeting run mode and service content to ours, expressed strong interest. " Ni Lijuan tells vice president of network of Chinese flavor chemistry the reporter, these two days, had had several family property inside well-known company, very much intent and website undertake further cooperation exchange views.
As we have learned, the net of Chinese flavor chemistry that reachs the relevant industry such as additive at medicine of cosmetic of global flavor essence, traditional Chinese medical science, nicotian, food as professional service, at present already with the whole world many 100 relevant enterprise (the enterprise inside its China many 30) build a collaboration to concern. "The almost all supplier of we and industry of global flavor essence is maintaining close tie, interact constantly with famous big client. " be in in on the pop chart of client of 10 big sales of sweet chemistry, above of half the number some it is 500 strong companies of world, or belong to 10 big flavor companies of world.
In sweet, the beauty of network edition is special this·State power?
In sweet from hold water to now, annual sale breaks up time, to " in sweet " the breathtaking and outspread speed of bouncing type, jiang Weihua succeeds his, end is fictitious production and electronic business affairs " double sword match well " .
In sweet the manufacturing plant that does not have oneself, unique sth used to one's own advantage is platform of Internet electron business affairs, the beauty that resembles network edition a bit is special this·State power. Because the raw material of flavor, essence is right the dependence of geography environment is very strong, manufacturing business distributings at the whole world, plus technical craft tall, neither one manufacturer can produce the product of more than 100 kinds of above. Use a network fictitious platform, in sweet above all integrated domestic and international market about flavor essence buy intention, grasp after having order, again integrated cross district to cross a state feebly by tens of thousands sale, distributing in countrywide each district in production of small essence flavor makes resource be produced for you, unite next affix " in sweet " brand, undertake selling. Solved Chinese medium and small businesses not to have brand and the difficulty that international sells on one hand so; Give on the other hand far the service distributing money that provides quick, high quality in transpacific Euramerican client, satisfied the requirement of buyers and sellers.
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