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Crop of world flavor tobacco summed up round-the-world company June
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Reckon the world output 2008 is 259.4 million kilograms, than 2007 237.1 million kilograms crop tower above 9.4% . Volume of total 2008 export predicts to be 165.5 million kilograms, 132.9 million kilograms when estimate than 2007 crop tower above 24.5% , because the crop of Turkey, Majidu and Bulgaria increased,basically be.
Turkey: The crop total output 2008 predicts to be 91 million kilograms, compare 70.9 million kilograms of 2007, grew 20.1 million kilograms. Estimate 57 million kilograms to crop is the Yicimier 2008, than 2007 grew 48% . Anyhow, grow as a result of seedling fast, this kind of crop is compared normally early two weeks gains. Reckon Samsun crop is 10 million kilograms, than 2007 rose 12% . Good soil and weather condition make so far, crop grows good. To the end of June, begin results. Predicting Basma tobacco is 3 million kilograms, the tower above than 2007 6% .
Bulgaria: Reckon total 2008 crop output is 21.7 million kilograms, the tower above than 2007 700 thousand kilograms. Reckon Basma crop crop is 200 thousand kilograms.
Ma Jidu: Reckon total 2008 output is 25.5 million kilograms, 17 million kilograms of tower above than 2007 8.5 million kilograms. Reckon the Prilep crop 2008 is 14 million kilograms, than 2007 tower above 4 million kilograms. The middle ten days of a month finished transplant in June, climate condition is advantageous. Reckon Yaka crop is 7.5 million kilograms about, the tower above than 2007 50% . Transplant was finished at the beginning of June. Basmak crop sizing is 4 million kilograms, grew 100% than 2007.
Greek: Predict whole the crop crop 2008 is 21.5 million kilograms, increased 21 million kilograms than the appreciably 2007. Reckon the Basma crop 2008 is 10 million kilograms, and the crop 2007 is 10.5 million kilograms. It is by June, transplant had been finished. Crop of predicting Katerini crop is 11.5 million kilograms, the crop tower above than 2007 1 million kilograms, the traditional area of Katerini produces 9.5 million kilograms of leaf tobacco, was not traditional area to produce 2 million kilograms of leaf tobacco. The results of traditional area begins from the 3rd week June. Tobacco leaf of the first batch of results is being baked make.

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