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Tanzania flavor develops committee to hold water
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Tanzania flavor develops committee to already held water at the near future. Of this committee hold water aim to discover the problem that solves flavor cropper and exporter to be faced with in time, strengthen the cooperation between perfumer person, provide the forum that promotes flavor trade development.
According to the report, world flavor market is annual trading business volume is in about 2.3 billion arrive between 2.5 billion dollar, and with annual the rate of 8.5 % rises, and the 0.5 % that the flavor of Tanzania supplies ability to take world flavor market only. Affecting calm flavor to export main reason is the importer with reliable lack, and lack a country or regional orgnaization the exit of flavor of macroscopical adjusting control.
Committee of Tanzania flavor development basically will develop the nation such as Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Niriniya the market, at present the flavor of these countries is imported from Europe for the most part.

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