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The European Union makes the draft that the flavor inside food registers
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On Feburary 28, 2008, total department of European Union committee, health and consumer protection made approval inside food / the 1999/217/EC that the watch uses flavor material to register decides (SANCO/2008/388, in all 4 pages) draft.
Afterwards committee on July 18, 2000 laws and regulations of commission of 1565/2000 name (set use Europe parliament and board (the necessary measure that EC)2232/96 name code approves to evaluate a plan) make after evaluating a plan, the following material does not accord with European parliament and board on October 28, 1996 (EC)2232/96 name code (set use at or the European Union order that drafts the flavor material that uses at food) the average level of the use flavor material that accessory makes: 2-methyl-1, ; FL-01.049) of 3-butadiene (isoprene. Accordingly, it will by delete from inside the list that approves material.
European food security bureau is concerned at was being made on November 29, 2007 adipose the conclusion with balmy hydrocarbon, 2-methylbuta-1, 3-diene(registers date FL: 01.049; 2-methyl-1, 3-butadiene) shows the effect of the carcinogenic substance inside potential body on experiment animal body. Accordingly, this material is being used in flavor cannot be accepted, because it is not accorded with (the average level of the flavor material that accessory provides EC) 2232/96 code. Accordingly, should give from inside approving material delete.

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