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Standard of Chinese essence flavor searchs globalization difference
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International of aggrandizement of criterion of SAC edible flavor coordinates a gender
Committee of code of international additive agent for food (CCFA) academician of stone of Chen Jun of director of agency of China of society of science of life of chairman, international says, committee of code of international additive agent for food already was started make " edible flavor uses standard " , this year in April 24 - the admiral of CCFA annual meeting that 28 days of Beijing hold undertakes deliberative. Although still be the first draft only at present, the distance applies formally still have a space, but look from the angle that conforms with international, the flavor mark brigadier of our country faces not small challenge.
CCFA is a committee of subordinate of international Codex Alimentarius Commission. Of international Codex Alimentarius Commission (CodexAlimentariusCommission, CAC) be by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with World Health Organization (WHO) the organization between a when build jointly government that establishs international food standard, have 173 members state, when controversial issue of occurrence food trade, CAC standard is international arbitral standard. The normative standard of concerned additive agent for food is discussed by CCFA put forward, via CAC congress approval, will include international food statute book, pass through inside alive bound limits.
" edible flavor uses standard " discussion draft will be clear, the additive ability that evaluates via JECFA only brings into code standard. Current, through JECFA (additive agent for food of World Health Organization of / of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations combines committee) assessment breed, among them the data of great majority is by suffer IOFI (industry of international edible flavor is organized) supports FEMA (American food flavor and extract maker association) FEMAGRAS (the material of accepted safety) the database offers. The data of FEMA includes breed list, expose a quantity, detect the means gets IOFI support, mean the member organization that acquires IOFI to be like association of European essence flavor (EFFA) , the support of the flavor association such as Japan, Singapore, Australia or approbate. FE - MAGRAS data refers CCFA through American FDA, evaluate a proof by JECFA again safe to human body, evaluate definite list is released by CCFA after passing.
Evaluate through JECFA at present, the variety that includes CAC flavor definite list has 1600 a variety of, the food flavor that world each country allows to use has 3000 a variety of, the GRAS material that FEMA approbates has 2200 a variety of, our country approval allows those who be used at food flavor to have 1500 kinds or so. As we have learned, the edible spice that our country approval uses still has 100 a variety of doing not have evaluate through JECFA. The variety that also a few is evaluate through JECFA was not allowed to use in our country.
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