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The international market is active the medicinal material in making China cultiv
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Chinese medicine health care tastes chamber of commerce of imports and exports to show in a report that publishs here, in recent years international market to Chinese traditional medicine the demand of material increases ceaselessly, commerce is active the medicinal material in making China cultivates an area to increase considerably, at present the whole nation cultivates an area to already amounted to many mus 1700.
Zheng Guoan of deputy secretary-general of ministry of science and technology cultivated development in material of Guizhou Chinese traditional medicine on May 11 the spot says on the meeting, come nearly 10 years, ministry of science and technology already was approved early or late in the whole nation 17 province are built " Chinese traditional medicine is modern base of property of science and technology " , build in 7 province " material standardization cultivates Chinese traditional medicine base " . According to statistic, each province is in begin Chinese traditional medicine since modern base builds the job, accumulative total throws funds of science and technology to make an appointment with 2.5 billion yuan of RMBs, the medicinal material in already building 413 kinds produces quality management standard (GAP) , built the GAP base of breed of material of 430 Chinese traditional medicine accordingly.
Medicine of Chinese traditional Chinese medical science considers to promote Yang Shilin of can standing vice-chairman to say, at present international market Chinese traditional medicine year trading business volume amounts to 15 billion dollar, if reach its plus officinal plant,goods, health care is tasted, natural cosmetic and natural flavor, the year's harvest hands in the forehead to amount to 30 billion dollar.
Taste statistic of chamber of commerce of imports and exports according to Chinese medicine health care, 2007 Chinese Chinese traditional medicine commerce continues to carry growth state, forehead of imports and exports reachs 1.54 billion dollar, grow 10.5% compared to the same period, exit forehead is 1.18 billion dollar, achieve the history new tall. Medicinal material and accumulative total of prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction export 480 million dollar in, occupy Chinese traditional medicine to export the 40.7 % of total value.

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