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Domestic and international market affects the main factor with fish meal strong
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The earth anabiosises, every phenomenon is newer, spring, one gives temporal the season of new life and hope. If assimilate to of market of early days fish meal was to pass endless winter sleep period the come to after, so we can say it is come to hind to start now.
Peruvian outside dish go up raise, brought motive force to home market
Between the Spring Festival Peruvian outside dish have go up apparently raise evidence, ask of market of China, Europe dish the quantity increases relatively. This action did not stop, the Spring Festival outside coming back dish go up continuously raise and performance is strong, at present price of 65 protein fish meal stops in FOB880 dollar / ton, CNF950 dollar / ton, entrance cost already achieved 7250 yuan / ton above. From the point of circumstance of quoted price of manufacturer of Peruvian fish meal, hind city's bullish state of mind is clear, and this price still belongs to reasonable price interval, cong Mou is planted the state of mind that domestic fish meal propped up to run money business on degree.
The bovine city of price of international home agriculture products makes the market has the certain effect that prop up
City of heavy goods ox by advance in the round deepen change to local structure sex, include rapeseed oil of Dalian soya-bean oil, palm oil, Zhengzhou inside breed of 3 lard makings achieves the near future in the round new tall, period price is being shown extend ascendant space, city of oil plants ox still will move continuously. Expert analysis thinks, produce market is in historical perch and situation of continuance ox city is the main reason that drives produce market to maintain exuberant person to enrage. Domestic corn market although with outside dish linkage sex is not strong, but this year domestic aquaculture restores a state to will have show an anticipation that improve to fall, corn goes for a long time situation value. Additional, snowfall of big range of catchment of near future the Yangtse River, rapeseed suffers aspic disaster, carry brace up soya-bean oil goes situation, in the meantime, traffic suffocate suffocate brings about a part to sell area corn spurt in prices, also carry brace up corn goes situation.
International market commodity and main state prices rise one of main factors that posture is price of influence home fish meal
Global the inflation that rises in price to increase domestic producer and customer likely anticipates. Join in our country World Trade Organization and execute all-around open today, home market and international market connect cheek by jowl, the international market rises in price to home have very powerful demonstrative effect and conduct action. Below the circumstance that rises generally in international market price, domestic producer and consumer anticipate to what future rises in price also increasing. And the China that basically imports fish meal country as the world, outside its dish the wave motion of the price will naturally cause very big effect to home market.
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