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Yi Li builds China flavor of the biggest lavender production base is popular in

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As we have learned, what lavender is in China is artificial help advance somebody's career only then at going up century 60 time, to cast off the dependence to the entrance, the country is in early or late plant experimentally of and other places of Heibei, Shaanxi, Qinghai, all abortive.

Because Xinjiang Yi plows river valley and French general,Luowangsi is in same latitudinal, climate and edaphic requirement are very similar, after Yi plows 65 round plant experimentally to succeed, area year after year expands, the flavor oil of abstraction begins to supply domestic and international market.

According to statistic, at present round field of Yi Li area grows lavender area more than 1000 mus, lavender flavor oil abstracts year of total output to be close to 100 tons, raw material and flavor are oily, satisfy the requirement of home market not only, still sell as far as to Europe and in inferior the market, go up in domestic cosmetic and medical market especially very popular.

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