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India: The country of old flavor exports a situation delectable

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India has from of old " the country of flavor " beautiful praise, famous Indian cate -- curry uses a variety of flavor modulation such as seed of turmeric pink, chili pink, fennel namely and into, make a person infatuate with its distinctive local color. The last few years, as the ceaseless development of international flavor market, the export volume of Indian flavor also increases subsequently.
It is to be located in India here western help nation of outstanding fruit heart, the flavor that two years here produces recently is purchased the welcome of business by a lot of foreign countries. In flavor market, various flavor make a client dazzling, the most welcome nevertheless still is seed of turmeric pink, fennel, transplant the traditional flavor such as collect seed and pink of Gan Gong chili.
According to statistic, in the past since 10 months, the growth of flavor export volume that helps nation of outstanding fruit heart is rapid, and photograph of the corresponding period was as high as 60% than amplitude last year. The flavor that occupies here produces business introduction, the flavor that helps nation of outstanding fruit heart is paid close attention to, because natural condition of place suits flavor to cultivate very,be on one hand, producing flavor quality is higher; Add the to flavor demand on international market of the last few years to rise ceaselessly, because this speaks a volume,increase significantly.
In addition, its flavor outputs the ground also from before with Euramerican give priority to, extend to middle east and southeast Asia area gradually. Place produces business to express, they will be mixed next foreign business joint development organic farm, offer specific flavor to have the client of special demand.
According to statistic, indian whole nation is annual flavor exit gross is 250 thousand tons, came in April 2006 11 the middle of a month Feburary 2007, the foreign currency that India earns from inside exporting flavor, exceed rupee of 30 billion India first, add up to 679 million dollar about, the growth of 21 billion rupee that compares the corresponding period of on one year is not little.

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