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Fujian 4.9% failure rate of sampling can mainly excessive food additives
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Reporter learned from the Fujian Province Quality and Technical Supervision recently, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the province's livestock and poultry production, canned fish, canned fruits and vegetables, canned products of provincial supervision and inspection, a total sample of 177 to 184 production batches of canned products, qualified 175 batches of product sampling batch failure rate of 4.9%. Of these, 34 checks of livestock and poultry, canned fish batch, 34 batches of qualified; 132 batches of random canned fruits and vegetables, qualified 123 batches; other types of canned random 18 batches, 18 batches of qualified. The supervision and inspection of canned mainly arsenic, lead, tin, cadmium, zinc, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, sulfur dioxide, commercial sterile, sodium saccharin, sodium cyclamate, acesulfame and other issues involving human health, safety and health indicators for testing. Judging from this sampling, a total of 9 batches of substandard products, canned fruits and vegetables, the main failure was beyond the scope of the project to use sorbic acid, sodium cyclamate, saccharin, benzoic acid and other food additives, mainly due to use of non-food additives manufacturers specification. This reporter learned that, for spot checks found in the main quality problems, the Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision has instructed the local Quality and Technical Supervision in strict accordance with "food security" and other relevant laws and regulations, the product of random unqualified enterprises according to law processing deadline for correction. Meanwhile, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has announced sampling of the quality of this product and qualified and unqualified list of enterprises, and guide consumers to purchase.
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