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Bulgaria and Greece against the proposed WHO Oriental tobacco
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According to one report said Novinite, Bulgaria and Greece, Agriculture Minister Miroslav Naydenov Agriculture Minister Kostas Skandalidis announced that they opposed a restriction the World Health Organization proposal for the production of oriental tobacco. They said the demand for oriental tobacco in the world quite a lot, Bulgaria and Greece are the production of such tobacco. Both Bulgaria and Greece, the Minister announced an international joint advocacy in a number of agricultural products between the two countries expand cooperation action plan made his remarks. Romania is also possible to participate in the program. Although the report did not specify, but people that, in accusing the World Health Organization proposed that the two ministers mentioned last week (11.15 - 11.20) in Uruguay at the "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" conference participants discussed a party term proposal. The proposal is to ban or restrict the non-tobacco cigarette ingredients. The ban might spice mixture of tobacco cigarettes as part of the viability of dire consequences.
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