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Sixty-nine groups of agricultural industrial base to build spices tourism
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November 13, in the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps into four divisions along the main road Sixty-nine groups, the regiment more than 500 cadres, staff, students carry out surprise planted mint, lavender, roses and other spice crops Damascus Conference battle. This year, the group planted all kinds of spices in the main road 500 acres on both sides to build a unique demonstration garden of spices, spice blend all gathered to actively build a base for sightseeing agriculture industry. In recent years, the group stepped up efforts to adjust the agricultural structure, and actively guide employees effective spice crops grown, bigger and stronger flavor of the characteristics of the leading industries. Existing peppermint, Asian mint, spearmint, rosemary, Roman chamomile, lavender, more than 10 varieties of spices, the scale of planting of 1 million mu, and gradually formed a set of breeding, production, processing, sales perfume industry chain, forming the largest spice production base in Xinjiang. Downstream development of the various perfume products, such as mint, lavender, Roman chamomile, Damascus roses and other 5 lines of dried flowers, essential oils, pure Lu Hong polar species and more than 10 brands of all kinds of cosmetics, have embarked on the Urumqi Fair , Agricultural Fair, Cheng and other agricultural products trade fair booth. Fragrance industry for the better play to the characteristics and advantages, this year, the regiment when the expansion of planting area spices, spice model to determine the construction zone, agricultural tourism development strategy to agricultural production and management features, the combination of agriculture and recreation, full use of natural ecology, agricultural resources, attracting the majority of urban sightseeing, photography, recreation, entertainment, promote tourism development of agriculture. The delegation plans to invest in next year's Demonstration Garden kinds of spices spice products booth for visitors to provide small-scale processing equipment, various types of spices essential oils, fragrant spices personally feel the breath of experience to the "Hong polar" unique charm.
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