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Dehong spice smoke rising China town
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Just 5 years, where the oriental tobacco acreage from 513 acres to 876 acres development, agricultural output from 121 yuan to 174 million revenue increase from the 209,000 yuan to 3,500 yuan, full speed up the pace of development - For the full year's Devon verdant, the climate here can be roughly divided into two seasons: the dry season, wet season. The dry season, that is, winter and spring, is the golden season of oriental tobacco growing. Tobacco, as "a beautiful Place "Dehong Autonomous Prefecture, a moving picture, a charming new dream of wealth. Traditional "slack season", nearly half of Devon towns across the state planted tobacco, the value of close to 2,000 yuan per mu. "China Oriental tobacco town" has emerged quietly in Devon. From mu to 10 mu Tobacco Model - a new industry has emerged quietly Dehong Prefecture is located in low latitude plateau, large amount of solar radiation, light is good; calorie rich, mild climate, a subtropical climate, the average temperature is about 20 ℃, annual temperature is small, large diurnal temperature range, winter cold, summer heat conducive In the oriental tobacco growing. The state's population of 119 million, of which more than 80 million rural population, per capita arable land of 2.83 acres, is the province's per capita arable land is one more city; ecological good, the state forest coverage rate exceeding 72%, suitable climate, there is conducive to smoke Leaves of modulation; larger dam across the state, with production of 100 million quintals of tobacco land resources. Agricultural development in the winter, the Dehong Prefecture Committee, the state government based on the light, heat, water, soil resources, in 2005 the introduction of tobacco, 513 acres of cultivated area that year, the acquisition of tobacco 1745.1 Tam, agricultural output value of 1.21 million Yuan, an average value of 2358.70 yuan per mu, the tax revenue 209,000 yuan. Tobacco ignite a new spark. Dehong Prefecture Committee, the state government legislation to establish the ecological state strategy, focusing on biological characteristics of state industry as wealthy and strong industrial task, established the "six trees a grass" development strategy, and the oriental tobacco as a "six trees a withered grass, "the re- To add to actively play its "short, flat, fast" feature, established a leading group headed by Zhouweishuji, powerful organizations, the high forward, preferred layout, contiguous focus, scale production, the production won the oriental tobacco Unprecedented development. Smoke and Spice "six trees a grass" with green writing bridgeheads golden port dream of wealth. Dehong Prefecture Committee, the state government's determination and efforts to boost confidence in the development of enterprises. September 2008, Baoshan Oriental Tobacco Co., Ltd. was established in Devon Mans Oriental tobacco branch. Branch under the Production Division, the Finance Office and the Office 3 public rooms and 10 departments leaf collection stations, serving more than 280 employees, of which more than 190 technical counselors. After establishing a branch, Devon aromatic tobacco in the state committee, under the correct leadership of the state government at all levels of care and support of various departments under the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau seize tobacco agriculture and the construction of the provincial government to develop new Tobacco Great opportunity, high standards, high starting point to build a new smoking area, Devon, and the introduction of measures to standardize service management, according to the modern concept of tobacco agriculture, namely, "and laying a foundation for efforts to achieve large-scale cultivation, intensive Management, professional services, information management "; active and innovative production organization model, the promotion of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture transformation of tobacco; increase the training of farmers and improve the skills of farmers; pay close attention to flavor tobacco Standardization Implementation of measures to improve the rate of technical measures in place to improve the quality of tobacco, to ensure product safety. Devon branch oriental tobacco innovative business development model and go all out to develop new smoking area. One innovation of agricultural industrialization management model, through the "company + base + farmers + technology" model, with the farmers to establish a close, Long-term, win-win relationship, effectively led farmers to get rich, lay a solid basis for enterprise development; the second is the implementation of the Integrated Development of production engineering sales, the company actively introduce advanced technology into cultivation, processing and marketing And diversified production system of modern oriental tobacco, Oriental tobacco industry to achieve the maximization of the value chain to protect the species of tobacco farmers in the initiative. Party committee and government efforts to protect, leading dance companies, benefits continue to appear, farmers have to follow up, Dehong oriental tobacco consecutive leaps and bounds. In 2010, the state's five counties, 24 townships, 136 administrative villages, 1070 Groups of villagers, farmers planted area of 29,552 mu 8.76, 3.86 higher than 2009 mu, an increase of 78.8%; the acquisition of tobacco 231,700 hundredweight, compared with 2009, double; to achieve tobacco production value of 174 million compared with 2009 Than the increase of 84 million yuan; to achieve tobacco tax 35 million yuan, representing an increase of 16.56 million yuan in 2009. Baoshan Oriental Tobacco Co. vice president, branch manager of the Dehong Yang Guanghui confidently said application program statewide by 2011 acreage of 11.2 acres, 30 million of mandatory plans to acquire the tobacco burden, agricultural output value of 230 million Element, to achieve tobacco tax 50 million yuan. "Twelve Five" period, the state oriental tobacco will reach 20 million mu of cultivated area, the acquisition of 50 million tobacco Tam, agricultural output value 400 million yuan, to achieve tobacco tax by 1 billion. Value from thousands to a net profit of 3,000 yuan - to increase space to open a new Take a look at the wealth of several families of new farmers story. Luxi City, wind Pingchen Thirteen groups of villagers that the village committee head of the year, farmers planted 3.5 acres of Jinyan Wang tobacco, revenues reached 16,390.7 yuan; with the City of Walled Village Pine Mountain Mans town village in Duan Huang should be planted 16 acres of Hong Smoking materials, gross revenue reached 58,536.9 yuan, after subtracting the cost of production in more than 3,000 yuan per Muchunshouru. Longchuan County town of Han Jing Han village head left from the right such as the 2010 planting 5 acres of tobacco, tobacco output value of 14,172.6 yuan, with an average value of 2834.5 yuan per mu; with the county town of sister Chengzihe village east village in Wu Tai Zhou Nie Planting 10 acres of tobacco, total revenue reached 36,900.7 yuan. He said that in previous years, the general cultivation of agriculture in winter wheat, corn and rapeseed, the average acre yield of 1000 to 1200 yuan per mu oriental tobacco cultivation this year to reach 3,000 yuan in net income Shows oriental tobacco farmers to get rich is indeed a good Devon industry. A good industry, according to local conditions, to contribute to multiply the effectiveness of the land, the income of farmers is to further open space. Devon in the construction of a new tobacco areas, adhere to the market-oriented, tightly around the market demand, improve leaf quality, and increase investment in smoking areas, enhance service awareness, improve the management level. Government, leading enterprises and farmers Together to form a comprehensive manner. Enterprises to strengthen technical services, technical instructors and more than 190 long-term presence in the village, to provide technical support for tobacco production. "Throughout the growing process, the company technician on call, the hand and guide us, we have developed in Hong Material smoke no worries. "He township in Ruili City Competition sister village farmers relative to the bulk, then, reveals the perfect harmony between enterprises and farmers, this is a new agricultural industry, the smooth development of the fundamental. Smoke in the Dehong area, nearly half of workers are minority people. In this regard, oriental tobacco company will support policies and technical measures of publicity materials into Dai, Jingpo etc, and allow farmers to deepen awareness and understanding of industrial development. Oriental tobacco grown in the higher technical requirements, the company in addition to increased on-site guidance, but also seriously organize the training, to teach farmers production technology, training a large number of "sensible species of tobacco." To ensure the safety of tobacco, the company implemented "pesticide approval / distribution" system, strictly control smoking Yeda Tian drugs, spraying pesticides every time someone has a distribution, the implementation of the existing service is used and on-site supervision; increase its infrastructure, with Sets built smoke water, smoke Road Project, and the supporting distribution through smoke, shred machine and standardization (steel) dry room. 2005 to 2010, the Dehong Prefecture Tobacco nearly billion investment in infrastructure, supporting the construction of field channel length of 82 km, 24 tractor road 21.9 km long, to benefit an area of 0.56 hectares; payment standard steel shed 3.03 modulation Manza, farm machinery invested 5.6 million yuan; wearing hood release 8000, achieved through an average of 8 acres allotted smoke one; release shred machine 880 sets, each supporting one of 30 acres, effectively solved through tobacco, shredded labor tension, The problem of low labor productivity. Dehong Prefecture issued a series of supporting policies to benefit farmers, such as state, county and city subsidy 100 yuan per mu, respectively, and 50 yuan; oriental tobacco companies to give nursery growers subsidies, tobacco subsidies through modulation shed subsidies, greatly out of high the smoke Farmers planting initiative. Tobacco 100% Devon implementation of the "Top Ten Technology Management System": to achieve 100% cropping system, 100% achieved soil testing and fertilizer, 100% to promote application of farmyard manure composting, mechanical deep plowing to achieve 100%, 100% Sound Seedlings deep planting, 100% of the integrated pest management, cultivator uncovers the membrane up to 100%, 100% of the implementation of GAP management, harvesting 100% and 100% focused on modulation. Measures are effective services in place, and technological support to the development of oriental tobacco Dehong rapid expansion of space. From traditional agriculture to modern agriculture of tobacco - a new concept deeply rooted Oriental tobacco industry to promote the success, bringing not only wealth of frontier farmers grow more important is that mind-set. 2009 winter and spring of 2010, Luxi City, the village head wind Pingchen that side of the oriental tobacco boundless vitality, as the dry season in the moving scenery. This is the Devon branch of the modern flavor of tobacco smoke model of agricultural production Base acres of contiguous oriental tobacco cultivation base. According to the national Bureau and the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Agriculture on the development of the overall requirements of the modern tobacco, Oriental tobacco division, Devon enhance infrastructure construction, and lay a solid basis for sustainable development of tobacco production, tobacco production and management to actively explore the adaptation model Type, increase the degree of leaf tissue, efforts to cultivate and build professional services team to improve farming skills and labor efficiency. It projects the village has 13 villagers groups, 512 households, completed last year transplanted area of 2302.2 mu, of which 2,200 contiguous acres planted, an increase of 1792.2 acres. Production process, the village nursery unified centralized, specialized machines Geng broken mattress, and actively carry out planting the fields of planning and adjustment, and focus on large-scale cultivation of lace, professional services and general requirements for intensive management. Driven through pilot and demonstration in 2009, the Luxi City, Oriental tobacco 9063.8 acres planted, compared with the increase of 4752 acres in 2008, an increase of 110%, the acquisition of tobacco 1103257.80kg (22065.16 Tam), compared with 2008 Increase 567726.6kg (1135405 Tam), an increase of 106%, Spices total revenue 15.82 million yuan of agricultural tobacco smoke, compared with revenue in 2008 compared to 9.52 million yuan, an increase of 151%, the average value of 1744.49 yuan per mu, more than 2008 acres Income increased by 324.38 yuan, an increase of 23%, the city tax 3.48 million yuan, with 2.13 million increase compared to 2008, an increase of 160%. In 2010, the village head that ongoing construction of the modern management of tobacco agriculture. The village head in 2010 that 14 382 village groups, signed a contract area of 4737.2 acres, the planned planting area of 118%, the average area of 10.58 acres. Company to further innovation and production organization and management, to establish cooperatives, specialized households and family farms cultivated plant, the formation of professional service organizations, and actively promote the mechanization of the process, increase the wear hoods, rotary machine Promote the use of force to achieve "less work, cost, improving quality, efficiency," the goal; in accordance with the "four modernizations a basic" requirements and high standards and building projects that 5,000 acres of the village core of modern agriculture demonstration area of tobacco The concept of tobacco agriculture popular, people realize that: First, have the resources to guide farmers in order to land transfer. In accordance with the paid and voluntary, the principle of fairness, establish and improve the land transfer mechanism, the effective transfer of land Area of 2970 mu. The second is to rely on local, outside the lead in promoting and actively developing plant specialized households. Native species of tobacco that the village head farmers 375, 98.2% of the total number of households planting, signed a contract area of 3824 mu, 94.6% of the total cultivated area , An area of 10.2 acres per household of local farmers, planting 130 acres of the largest families; foreign farmers 7, signed a contract area of 259 acres, an area of 37 acres per household foreign households, the average of the largest of 50 acres. Third, innovative nursery group Organization management. In the village the first time that a wet head pilot demonstration nursery, and built a complete irrigation system, owners of hiring experienced management, seedling breaks through the traditional forms. Fourth, innovative production organization and management model , Oriental tobacco growing cooperatives, specialized households and family farms that cover the planting area of the village head of 100%. Fifth, the implementation of professional services. Set up a specialized focus on mechanized farming, nursery professional, specialized plant protection and professional wear Smoke modulation teams, greatly enhancing the professional level of service, reduce labor and employment, reduce production costs. Farmers not only to recognize the characteristics of modern tobacco agriculture, but also enjoy the benefits of them. This year, the rare drought in the face of farmers for more than 2010 new, low-skilled labor, harvesting progress slowly, over cooked more than tobacco And other outstanding issues, the government and enterprises to actively respond to fully mobilize all forces, so that should be collected are collected. Party committees and governments at all levels of organized bodies in time, troops, schools and other parties to harvest the power grab, to help farmers adopt smoke through smoke. Meanwhile, the oriental tobacco company invested 3.3 million yuan, in time the old smoke from Baoshan District, who organized the 6387, 2279 to introduce people from Myanmar, more than 600 factory workers to wear smoke Devon help maximize done due are collected . This year, the focus of Dehong Prefecture set up a specialized nursery Service 50, tractor 88 teams, 122 teams transplanting, plant protection teams 93 teams wearing breathing 365, 231 professional teams modulation, through professional Production model of service innovation, greatly improve the professional level of service, reduce labor and employment, reduce production costs and improve labor efficiency. A new smoking area to its own characteristics, its own unique charm and competitiveness, is the rise of Dehong. Links First, the oriental tobacco Oriental tobacco, also known as Turkish tobacco, oriental tobacco, originating in the Mediterranean, is safflower tobacco (Nicotianatobacum) a special type of tobacco. As smoke is rich in aromatic spices and pure quality and taste Characteristics of tobacco products has a special value, is the production of hybrid, foreign and oriental flavor cigarette and pipe tobacco one of the important raw materials. Especially in blended cigarettes have strong enough, rich, wide range of materials, may have Effectively reduce the tar content so as to reduce the harm of smoking on human health characteristics, by smokers of all ages to become the world popular cigarette type. Oriental tobacco native to the Mediterranean coast of the Balkans, in the dry and hot, dry, light and strong tobacco grown under climatic conditions of the best quality. Origin, compared with the oriental tobacco, the Nu River in western Yunnan, Lancang River dry heat Valley is a low-latitude low-elevation plateau cut deep dry and hot valley region, with production of high quality tobacco flavor unique natural climatic conditions. Second, Dehong oriental tobacco companies Yunnan Dehong oriental tobacco tobacco branch was established in September 2008, the company of tobacco in Yunnan Baoshan Oriental Tobacco under the limited liability company, state-owned tobacco companies, cigarette companies to develop hybrid materials and enhance the overall implementation of Tobacco Force for the purpose of the state is responsible for technical guidance oriental tobacco production, acquisition of supplies and tobacco. Tobacco Corporation, Yunnan Baoshan Oriental Tobacco Co., Ltd., is responsible for the production of oriental tobacco in Yunnan province, acquisition, plus Engineering and sales operations, the annual production of high quality oriental tobacco Tam 50 million, the annual processing capacity of 15,000 tons, 90% of exports, mainly to the United States, France, Britain, Indonesia, South Korea, more than 20 countries, is a typical export outside the To the enterprise, is currently China's largest and world's third production base of oriental tobacco processing base and export base.
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