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Supply cream of corn of popcorn machine raw material to fry glacial machine raw
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Product name is handed in, dc is amphibious double boiler popcorn machine
Product model HX-B0013
Market price yuan
Store price yuan
The product explains

(Taste newly) new generation stainless steel hands in 220V straight 12V to flow amphibious, double boiler popcorn machine

This machine uses stainless steel board tool set shapes, inside ignition of buy steel bracket, electron, firepower is adjustable igneous situation is even, firepower suits, managing liquid gas, communicate 220V or dc 12V storage battery to all can be used, double boiler popcorn machine (but only anger, sheet accuses) double control of electric, report, each other noninterference. Can be put on bar or on tricycle, handle roll is operated, press gently can teem corn is beautiful. Dial jacket has switch indicator light, volmeter, can be clear that it whether is normal to see tension. This machine adopts mix of drive of electric machinery of 12V of type leaving place even shell is beautiful. Aluminous boiler of aluminium alloy casting, thermal conductivity does not die equably beans, paper boiler not easily, pop is spent big, plump

The manufacturer with the flavour of the popcorn in the person of the same trade and the most all ready breed

Popcorn of fruit flavour butter makes a method (dynamoelectric model)

The first pace: Insert the power source of popcorn machine first on, open heat preservation lighting switch, open heat switch, put 50 grams flower

Unboiled oil, by use rotary switch, must warm-up after 3 minutes, put out all switch next, teem peanut oil.

(new machine is operated by this, the service life of boiler raises duple above)

The 2nd pace: Open all function switch again (lighting switch, heat switch, rotary switch) , join next 50- - 60

Gram popcorn is special butter (or flavour of coconut oil, fruit is oily) , 100 grams popcorn is special corn. (boiler must

It is in warm-up premise of 3 minutes falls) , put puffed rice finally gram of 60-70 of special white sugar. Drop cover next,

Close vitreous door.

The 3rd pace: Operation personnel wants the case of advertent popcorn, be like crepitation decrescent, rice spends a large number of exploding to go out, put out instantly add

Heat up switch, continue to rotate again 3 to 5 minutes, immediately teem.

The 4th pace: Clear boiler bottom, with half wet towel boiler wipe up, (if boiler bottom has,scorch phenomenon, answer to add 150 a unit of weight instantly

Rise boiled water, water can flood boiler foundation, heat again rotate 10 minutes or so) , the ability after making its clean explodes the 2nd boiler.
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