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Ammonium sulphate, the sewage such as ammonium chloride condenses reclaim device
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My company main product has: Efficient and energy-saving filmy evaporator, evaporator of outer circulation of only effect, much effect, litre fall velar evaporator, film filters equipment, vacuum makes the series product such as slicer of type drier, rolling-type, crystallizer smooth with a rake, equipment of not retort, saturated colophony, condenser, of all kinds tower implement, the water treatment equipment of all sorts of norms, carry on the design of all sorts of equipment that be not mark and whole set of equipment, make. Our company product is oil of wide application Yu Shi, chemical industry, pharmacy, food, light industrial wait for an industry.
The tenet of my company: Quality the first, the user is consummate, delivery is seasonable, the service is considerate.
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