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Group of golden hill of king of secretary of provincial Party committee comes a
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July 21, 2008 afternoon, wang Jinshan of secretary of provincial Party committee is in mound countryside of secretary of secretary of open municipal Party committee, the county Party committee on Ying, 50 shops appoint below the accompanying of the leader such as the secretary, risking high temperature of intense heat of summer to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot.
Area of new garden of careless limited company of Mao Shengxiang of 50 shops countryside always covers an area of 120 mus, the area already built the new garden that first phase covers an area of 52 mus to move steel to wear big canopy repeatedly 3, the 4th, 5 are being built, garden area road is main laid ends. Next paces will make full use of herb garden is included by hall of science and technology of the Anhui province province spark planned a project 2008, be by formal approval " name of the Anhui province actors or actress especially courtyard of expert of sweetgrass science and technology " good luck. Accelerate the 4th, 5 move big canopy construction repeatedly, complete dormitory of worker of 300 square metre and construction of other office infrastructure. Radiate of play garden area is driven, expand ceaselessly grow an area, there are 300 mus in whole country, mu all income on the foundation of 2000 yuan of above. Strive to achieve 500 mus inside year, inside 3 years, implementation expects an end 1000 mus, mu all add receive 3500 yuan of above. Show development to produce new-style series herb to derive a product, wait like oil of tea of popular package, herb, essence, demand exceeds supply in the market.

The breed that Wangmao of general manager of careless limited company of Anhui Mao Shengxiang gives birth to the plan and construction from garden area to sweetgrass, utility and development are used waited to make a report to the leader one by one, get the leader's speak very highly ofing mixes everybody to support energetically. Wang Jinshan of secretary of provincial Party committee and Wang Maosheng are kind chat, of careless to Anhui Mao Shengxiang limited company run offerred a few proposals, state the development henceforth expresses careless to Anhui Mao Shengxiang limited company great expectations.

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