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The county that visit town farming appoint the leader comes my company inspect t
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July 5, 2008, the Anhui province farming appoint information department leader is in mound the county on in relief city, Ying farming appoint of the leader accompany below, to Anhui Mao Shengxiang area of new garden of careless limited company inspects the job.

Province farming appoint group will to base of new garden area undertake inspecting guidance, still tried the herb of garden area personally, made to the herb of this garden area speak very highly of, offerred precious opinion.

Mao Shengxiang of general manager king introduced the program of new garden area and general situation finely, the sort of sweetgrass and utility are waited a moment, get the leader's speak very highly ofing mixes everybody to support energetically. The development that believes new garden area is met flourishing, the future is like bright and beautiful.

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