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Labor insurance of auspicious hair of benefit state city is antistatic purify th
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Auspicious hair labor insurance in order to produce antistatic glove, antistatic the product such as the coverall, cloth that do not have dirt, paper that do not have dirt is given priority to, protective equipment of domestic and international well-known trademark acts as agent in the meantime. The product has: Antistatic desk pad, antistatic the hand is pulled belt, antistatic brush, antistatic forceps, purify cotton autograph, stick dirt mat, stick dirt platen, earplug, antistatic shoe, labor insurance shoe, labor insurance dress, safety helmet, safe rope, safety belt, guaze mask, the shoe is covered, finger is covered, , gauze glove, glove of pure cotton work, nylon glove, breed is all ready.

What my company produces is antistatic glove series has: Double-faced antistatic glove, site model is antistatic glove, PU nylon is antistatic glove, palm of PU nylon besmear is antistatic glove, PVC coating is antistatic glove, PU coating is antistatic glove.

Hand fingertip has: Cream-colored is antistatic hand fingertip, pink is antistatic hand fingertip, black is antistatic hand fingertip, without sulfur antistatic hand fingertip, electrostatic finger covers place troops on garrison duty, cut grinds arenaceous hand fingertip, orange is red prevent slippery hand fingertip, purify white hand fingertip, transparent prevent fingertip of slippery emulsion hand.

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