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Farm of pig of young of pig of seedling of Jiangsu chapter family name supplies
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The broad friend that raise a pig you are good, pig of seedling of chapter family name breeds base to belong to Jiangsu to save volume of unit of pasturage bureau directly under to raise, after service of breed, transfer to other localities, scientific research, free breeds an enterprise for the large omnibus normalization of an organic whole, deficient project science and technology is helped up to promote in the center of farming base of key promotion project; One class offers bureau of Jiangsu province pasturage kind of base. Since holding water 1998, the administrative concept with science, abundant economy actual strength, top-ranking stud stock quality, giant expert battle array, go out every year choicely thoroughbred more than 60 thousand, each district of whole nation of transfer to other localities, get the recognition of pasturage expert and agree. My field already made scale of Jiangsu breed aquatics now the modern large pasturage with high content of big, science and technology is thoroughbred breed popularizes an unit, supply 4 yuan in great quantities to the society all the year round. 3 yuan. Du Luo is overcome. Double flesh buttock is overcome about. Long white. New bosom. Su Tai. Mei Shan. Too the seedling pig such as the lake. And to the client earnest acceptance: Loss of the casualties in carriage road is assumed by my field; Deal with quarantine formalities freely for the client; The service dogs after the whole nation makes work freely, fixed inject is vaccinal; The government is centralized buy, the price is more favourable; In seed selection process, client freedom chooses; Give breed technical data, CD and cultivate grazing to plant; My field has car, measure big free deliver goods to reach your home. Serve legibly sincerely in detail, can make you clearer, more be at ease, more satisfactory! Manager: ?3705240417 0527-83531447 of random pry Zheng
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