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Oil of essence of life can alleviate postpartum and depressed disease
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The effect of black peppery, balmy sowbread
Can alleviate to search the composition of oily aroma of essence of life that states syndrome erratically, we with 21 10 ~ female of 30 years old is an object, heard 9 sort to them respectively according to their menstrual cycle model aroma, see which kind of aroma appetent and tired to alleviating feeling, low, fretted mood is effective.
As a result discovery has a kind to be called " β , China pink Xi " flavor composition has alleviate the effect that states syndrome erratically. This is one kind is contained bitter flavor, it is southeast Asia is called one kind " Yilanyilan is spent " main aroma composition.
β , China pink Xi can be before period of reductive of corpus luteum element, menstruation, action of the play in giving birth to postpartum, the turn of life. The mood of be agitated melancholy after some maternities also begin to use this kind of flavor to treat a puerpera to produce now, the result discovers it is right the disturbed sentiment that improves a puerpera is very effective.
Current, some companies had developed a β , product of China pink Xi, you can spray product of this kind of liquid on the handkerchief, often can experience its fragrance so.
Notable is, balmy sowbread also contains a lot of β , composition of China pink Xi, you can insert balmy sowbread indoors in the vase, can bring the enjoyment on the vision already so, also can smell the aroma that they send out.
Additional, the flavor that we often have is black peppery in, also contain β , China pink Xi. Accordingly, often hear black peppery odour, also conduce to alleviate the mood of melancholy of postpartum be agitated.

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