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Level of oily state of essence of life, name a principle
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Oil of essence of life names a principle
1. suitable scope
Apply to the circumstance that writes oil of essence of life and other flavor standard and everything to use oily name of essence of life originally.
2. definition
Essence of life is oily renown naphtha, the department points to natural raw material (contain these raw material ferment product) in the sweet composition mixture of existence, what it has different rate is volatile, can use vapor distill, compress (to orange kind peel) extraction waiting for a law, individual raw material is useful also dry distillation law. Child submits oily form commonly.
3. names a principle
3.1. is distinction volatile vegetable oil and do not volatilize the distinct category of oil of adipose sex vegetable, former with word group " essence of life is oily " name; Latter still is used by the habit " oily " word. Write in floral at the back of common name.
Volatile plant is oily: Orange essence is oil of oil of field mint essence, cinnamonic essence oil, Shan Cangzi essence, oily.
Adipose sex plant is oily: Soya-bean oil, peanut oil, rape oil.
The common name of 3.2. essence oil cannot cut the balmy plant with ground varied demonstrate to taste kind of origin truly. For this, all sorts of complete choice oily titles must include formal name of balmy floral science (contain floral to belong to, kind, mutation and named person name, person name but abbreviate) , formal name can be written inside bracket, after be being put in balmy floral to know common name, " essence of life is oily " before word group.
Blue eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus Labillardiere) essence of life is oily
Anise fennel (Illicium Ver Um Hooker) essence of life is oily
Ginger (Zingiber Officinale Roscoe) essence of life is oily
3.2.1. comes from balmy floral to belong to when oil of essence of life, kind identical, but contains main and chemical part is different, criterion oil of essence of life belongs to different chemical type, because this is in,essence of life should make clear type of main and chemical composition after oil name.
Broad leaf eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Dives Aiton) essence of life is oily, eucalyptus leaf element
Broad leaf eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Dives Aiton) essence of life is oily, hot mint ketone
3.2.2. comes from breed of specific cross scent plant like oil of essence of life, the plant formal name that is kept inside bracket should make clear his to kiss this (male parent and female parent) Latin formal name.
Miscellaneous lavender [Lavandula Angustifolia P. Miller×Lavandula Latifolia (Linnaeus F) Medikus] essence is oily
3.3. if when each place can use a kind of balmy floral at extracting oil of essence of life, used this plant position is made clear after learning a bracket closely as the plant.
Lilac [Eugenia Caryophyllus (C. Sprengel) Xie Jing of Bullock Et Harrison] is oily
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