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How is oil of essence of life absorbed by human body
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Balmy essence oil is by a variety of differring make an appointment with organic element place to comprise. Balmy essence oil is absorbed by human body basically have two conduit, one is the skin, one is lung. The skin is had originally absorb and excrete a function, the element of oil of essence of life is very small, can penetrate inside the skin with lymphatic the blood that sends body other place with cellular part-time job, in oil of numerous essence of life, deferent rate is the rapiddest is Youjiali and thyme, need half hours to be able to achieve circulatory system only about, the slowest is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad appropriate and mint, want the left and right sides two hours about. Odour fragrance, after nerve of natural balmy by smell enters cerebral ministry, the leaf before can stimulating cerebrum is secreted inside Fei discard and cerebral Fei discard two kinds hormonal, make spirit presents the most comfortable position, this is the optimal effective prescription of guardianship heart. Oil of essence of life can prevent bacterium of contagion, antagonism, virus, mould constitutionally, can prevent inflammation, prevent metabolism of convulsion, stimulative cell and rejuvenesce function, make life better. And certain spirit oil can adjust endocrine organ, promote hormonal secrete, allow the physiology of human body and psychological activity, achieve good progress. Be like peel skin by block or it is subcutaneous tissue too thick, the effect that the skin absorbs oil of essence of life also can get block up, this kind of circumstance can pass through shower or be to massage, help balmy element be absorbed, inspiratory law is the pulmonary alveolus of by lung, enter the blood capillary all round; Additional, course skin absorbs balmy essence oil to enter circulatory system and produce pharmacodynamics to react, also have same effect with inspiratory method.

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