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Oil of 4 kinds of essence is beautiful your skin
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Asian face the United States' white skin, the amount Yuan Chao of expenditure gives the demand that other skins, below sunshine, european compare us it seems that more absorption, at present besides the pathological changes besides skin, to the ageing of skin and appearance, sunshine also is having make us worth while " right amount " the reason of insolate.
In the UVA in sunshine and UVB, although UVB is right the impact that our human body skins is bigger, but in recent years, cure journal announces ceaseless discovery giving heat, harm of skin of day optical rotation has 15% about is by UVA place is caused.
Because of the rate that place of the UVA in sunshine holds, be as high as 95% , and among them 20%-30% can penetrate to skin derma layer, do not suffer the climate, seasonal, time, ozonosphere, effect with vitreous veil plus UVA, long-term not self-conscious insolate, namely element of easy form quality agnail of ad cool-headed, skin, ageing even the generation of skin cancer.
UVA is the main reason that causes shading: Because of ultraviolet illuminate, the skin produces a large number of freedom base, those who bring about cellular film cross oxidation reaction, nigrify pigment cell suffers endocrine effect, secrete melanin, and upgrade distributings cuticular and corneous layer, and among them melanin often dies in skin accumulate in the cell, form namely " shading " . The shading that says on medicine, it is to show ground deposit is in melanin symmetry two buccal wait for the skin. Because be,affect slowly from derma, more it is good to let a person cannot be done in this part guard against.
Here should introduce oil of 4 kinds of essence, they are in face there is a bit difference on skin, but for in principle, maintain the job of skin is to want to do every day, it is a kind of precaution not only, also be a kind of manner.
What introduce above all is a rose, the rose depends on can letting skin to the main effect of skin more activation, face the consenescence of skin especially, need a few to be able to let skin be experienced only young, to the oil of essence of life of other, cannot replace the effect of the rose, the effect with white to the United States rose also is quite outstanding. If worry about his skin,had been beauty of 8 years old seventeen no longer, can use look.
The essence of life that orange spends is oily to skin, have the effect of youth of a kind of reply, in burning hot summer, what orange spends is relaxed make an area very easily lie between with the rose, be in especially pure and fresh with vigor intermediate feeling gets a tiny bit of nature. Very resemble breathing in nature, get again however of nature caress, to orange flower, the sweet smell that a lot of traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women like to get on this kind to take Jin to hold slightly (at least, with rose photograph relatively rise) . No matter be in east or west, orange flower always gives a person cherubic sense, this one part, in it is euqally OK also to face evil-minded sun the canal is used.
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