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Experience sweet the fragrance that fume
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"Sweet a kind of sweet grass " -- a romance, long beautiful term, your plant was full of god the mystical force of nature, also make the plant releases fragrant fragrance. Then, sweet fume become fashionable today belles, another natural door of encounter beauty.
Oil of plant essence of life is floral soul, oil of each top class essence is the marrow that comes from nature. Normally extraction of ability of about 100 roses gives oil of essence of a rose, its are precious it is thus clear that.
The most romantic vapour is sweet fume:
In fragrance in winding around, enjoy sweet fume brought romance, it is simple the sanitarian means of effective. Different spirit is oily, enter system through breath inside, can carry brace up mood, cheerful mood, stimulative blood circulates.
Preexistence fumes censer hot water is entered in dish, rejoin essence is oily, candlelight is general two hours control tenability.
Most law of balmy bubble bath:
Oil of essence of life can be used at bubble bath or bubble foot, bath when be in a day most privacy when, also be ego heart communicates as optimal as what adjust time, sweet bath aing kind of sweet grass can take care of the need of the physiology to a day and psychology most. The oil of sweet elite aing kind of sweet grass that has life energy is added when dip bath, besides can purify the body to leave scent, more antiphlogistic and antiseptic, it is the optimal method that eliminates muscle exhaustion. Chrysanthemum of a foreign of one's own accord is pure at the same time lamp of oil of essence of life aing kind of sweet grass, deserve to go up soft music is made foil, can make the mood is loosened, anger alleviation, feeling is exceedingly auspicious, still have the effect that combats Mian. Close an eye please, deep slowly breath, imagine Lin Li of place oneself Yu Dasen, there is the sweet atmosphere of flower, careless, tree in air, your breath will cooperate natural rhythm, the mood is cheerful body each cell, vexed sadness and ailment are taken away, the capabilities that experiences you is growing.
The most comfortable sweet a kind of sweet grass massage law
In sweet cure aing kind of sweet grass, massaging is very important method, lending major scientific massage, can help oily element of essence of life enter system quickly inside, make body and mind lax, improved curve of body of skin, sculpture, promote lymphatic loop, enhance immune power, exclude the waste material of metabolization. Sweet fume massage raise 2-4 than common massage result of times. Tie-in acupuncture point presses main and collateral channels to massage reach lymphatic drainage to discharge murderous scheme law, it is particularly good that oil of essence of life enters haemal result through the skin.
Sweet a kind of sweet grass massaging is the kind that effect has most in balmy therapeutics, the professional knowledge with strict need and massage gimmick, lily spring is professional sweet happy nurse expert, according to everybody the body state at that time, make " the individual is exclusive period of treatment " , allocate oil of essence of life to undertake nursing. The state meets the body of everybody wait for element happening change as seasonal, mood, environment, need to allocate oil of a variety of essence of life at this moment, will have balmy treatment.
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