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Therapeutics of oily scent of essence of life is practical manual
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Had you tried balmy therapeutics?
-- oil of essence of life is practical manual
Always see a bottle of bottle is brunet the thing like small medicine bottle, saying is special hairdressing or it is body of powerful body key, when the effect that if think truly,tries it, the pay attention toing inside this but deep. "Oil of essence of life is practical manual " can understanding oil of essence of life roughly in order to let you first probably is after all how one and the same!
After all what is oil of essence of life?
Oil of essence of life is general consist in floral each place, grow to floral act important role; It is had adjust temperature and the protective function that prevent a disease; It can protect a plant to avoid the enroach on that gets bacterial etc bug. The essence in leaf is oily, can attract beneficial to oneself insect to stand by, also can prevent adverse to oneself pest to be close to likewise, so we can use oil of essence of life this idiosyncratic drive out in the life pest and sanitarian body.
How to extract oil of essence of life
The essence that we know is oily, say simply even if from ministry of floral leaf, flower, seed, fructification, root, bark, colophony, lumber... , law of the distill that use water, cold milling process, fat sucks law and solvent extraction law, refine the material that come out, provide high scent sex and volatile material. Besides single position but extraction gives oil of essence of life besides, some plants can be in several place extraction gives oil of essence of life, for example, bitter orange can reach fructification from petal, leaf 3 place extraction gives oil of essence of life. Like rose, jasmine flower... petaline essence oil is suck a law with fat and get; Also oil of some of essence of life wants to be able to be gotten with milling process only, resemble orange kind essence of life is oily, take compress from floral peel; For example, blow orange skin to be able to have oily oil with the hand, sweet sweet orange essence oil arises.
Collect the amount of oil of essence of life
Plant of avery kind of is OK and extractive the amount of oil giving choice is endless and same, the choice with extractive less quantity is oily normally costly and not easy, among them petaline essence oil is best. Generally speaking, the rose wants 3000-5000 kilogram, lavender wants 200 kilograms, lemon wants 3000, ability abstraction gives oil of a kilogram essence of life. Accordingly, rose, jasmine, orange spends oil of this kind of essence normally 10ml changes should get on 1000 yuan, it is this reason.
TIPS: The plant is small 100 divisions
To major plant, before blossom 9-11 dot is collected in the morning close dry the leaf that did not damage or rod, have highest medical effect. Colour controls the operation of the rose, must be about to undertake when morning sun has not come out. And collect receive the ground to must leave abstraction factory very close, the worker has lintel to be able to send toward directly, more short time abstraction has healed.
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